Half of Americans Plan to Upgrade or Remodel Homes & Bathrooms This Year

Half of Americans to Upgrade or Remodel Homes and Bathrooms This Year

Bathrooms are the main area they plan to upgrade, with toilets the top item. 

CRYSTAL LAKE -- April 6, 2021 -- Bio Bidet, the innovative developer of kitchen & bath products, announced the findings of its 2021 Home Upgrade study that found 6 in 10 Americans claim they own their current residence, and 24% say they have plans to sell their house while 23% say they plan to buy a house this year. 

 For those not making the big move, 45% say they will be (or consider) upgrading or remodeling their homes this year. These home upgraders are planning to either make it a smart home (44%), more modern (43%), more aesthetically appealing (39%) and/or more energy efficient (37%). 

Skip to the Loo, and the Kitchen too!

Bathrooms are the main area Americans plan to upgrade this year, followed by bedrooms, then kitchen, living spaces and exterior. Of those that are planning to upgrade or remodel their homes in 2021, nearly 70% plan to do a complete remodel to their bathroom(s). 

 When asked what was the most they’ve ever spent on a bathroom upgrade, 29% said $500 or more, while 19% said between $250 and $499, 28% said between $100 and $249, and 24% said $99 or less. Areas of their bathroom(s) they plan to upgrade include:

  • 56% - new toilet(s)
  • 53% - new shower(s)
  • 51% - new cabinets
  • 46% - new faucet(s)
  • 44% - new sink(s)
  • 42% - install bidet(s)

“In the past year, home owners have been forced to reevaluate their living arrangements out of circumstances. They are now much more aware of the importance in creating a safer, and smarter, habitat,” said James Amburgey, Director Business Unit Development at Bio Bidet. “Upgrading to newer bathroom and kitchen technologies, such as motion activation and UV sterilization, will become the new norm in many households very soon.”

Fun Bathroom Facts: Surprisingly, 71% of those served said they think about their toilet seat, and 28% think about their toilet seat often. And while that might seem a little odd, it may also explain why 46% said when moving somewhere, changing the toilet seats is one of the first things they do, and another 31% said they’re likely to swap the old seat for a new one at some point. Additionally, while 29% of those surveyed said their favorite color is blue (#1 answer), 16% said blue is the dominant color in their main bathroom (blue was #2 answer, white was #1).

Finally, of those that are planning to upgrade or remodel their homes this year, 62% said they plan to upgrade or do a complete remodel to their kitchen. Areas of their kitchen they plan to upgrade include:

  • 65% - New cabinet(s)
  • 45% - New countertop(s)
  • 56% - New flooring
  • 53% - New sink(s)
  • 51% - New faucet(s)

About Propeller Insights

Propeller conducted its national online survey for Bio Bidet of 1,017 U.S. adults between January 3-6, 2021. Survey responses were nationally representative of the U.S. population for age, gender, region, and ethnicity. The maximum margin of sampling error was +/- 3 percentage points, with a 95% level of confidence.

About Bio Bidet

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