Hemorrhoids – Getting Through an Attack of Hemorrhoids

Many people may have hemorrhoids and never know they have them. Did you know that hemorrhoids could happen inside the rectum as well as outside? In fact, the vast majority of flare-ups occur inside and you never know they are happening. When those internal flare-ups are major though, they can become external. Sometimes the tissues swell and push out through the rectal opening. That is when the typical symptoms of the condition appear. Itching and burning are common complaints. Rectal bleeding is another problem. Some skin irritation may happen if the swelling secretes mucus.

The intense itching and burning is very uncomfortable for those who have bad hemorrhoids. In fact, it can be quite painful. One way to deal with this is to use a bidet for cleaning the area instead of toilet paper. Toilet paper can feel like sand paper on those inflamed tissues. If you do not have a separate bidet fixture in your bathroom, consider adding an attachable bidet to your toilet. It will help you bathe the area in warm water. That will keep the area clean and help bring down the inflammation. Making changes in diet and exercise will help long term.

Using a bidet will help with the short term. Dealing with chronic hemorrhoids means you need constant help. Many people have ongoing issues with this condition. They get over one flare-up and a few days later, they have another one. What is going on inside tells the real tale. While the external symptoms may alleviate and go away, the internal swelling may not go away completely. It is like waves in the ocean hitting the beach. The waves will keep on going in and out, but the water never really leaves. Making dietary changes and exercising assists this condition over the long term. To get through the recurring flare-ups, an attachable bidet is the answer.

Getting over hemorrhoid surgery requires a bit of help also. In some extreme cases, hemorrhoids will not go away completely. Some patients require surgery to remove the aggravated and inflamed tissues. After surgery, sensitivity is the name of the game around the surgical area. Using an attachable bidet will help keep that area clean while recovering from surgery. If you are dealing with the pain and itching of this condition, get help. Install an attachable bidet in your home today. Make your sensitivity and pain a thing of the past.