Hemorrhoids – Treatment Options for Hemorrhoids

Mild hemorrhoids are a common occurrence. You may have not been eating fiber and your stool gets a bit rough. That can cause a mild case. If you deal with minor flare-ups on a regular basis, you know that constant burning and irritation can be quite uncomfortable. For these cases, it is best to add more fiber to your diet, drink plenty of fluids, and crank up the attachable bidet to keep the rectal area clean without using scratchy toilet paper. Within a few days, your flare-up will be history and your comfort level will be where it should be.

Major flare-ups require more attention. When the major ones come around, you know it. It can actually make sitting quite uncomfortable. Of course, sitting for long periods is a major reason for hemorrhoids in the first place. If you are dealing with a major onset, you need to take certain steps to get comfortable again. Using over the counter creams is a great option. These creams will soothe the irritated tissue and help reduce swelling. Using an attachable bidet will also help by cleaning the area and soothing the inflamed tissues. As the swelling goes down, the itching and burning will subside.

Chronic hemorrhoids may require medical attention. Sometimes, no matter what you do, the condition will continue. Trying natural methods to alleviate the trouble will work for many. Nevertheless, a few will need additional help. That means taking a trip to the doctor. Make sure you tell the doctor about the therapies you have tried. That will give the doctor a true picture of exactly what is going on. Your doctor may want to run some tests and make changes to your diet and exercise. He will likely want you to continue using your attachable bidet to soothe the trouble spot. It will keep both inside and outside moving smoothly.

Surgery is a final option when nothing else works. Sometimes the aggravation gets to the point where neither natural nor medical interventions will work. At that point, the doctor may recommend surgery. The surgery involves removing the aggravated hemorrhoids completely. Once you go through surgery, getting back to normal bowel movements will take time. Your doctor may recommend using an attachable bidet to soothe the muscles in the perianal area. It will keep the muscles working. When your doctor clears you, the warm water will help keep your bowel movements regular.