How Bidets are Useful for the Elderly

Bidet For the Elderly

The bidet is a bathroom fixture that uses a stream of water to clean up after bowel movements. The bidet can also clean up after urination for women. Essentially, the bidet takes the place of toilet paper. This fixture is a very common inclusion in many countries in Europe, the Middle East, andAsia. However, the bidet is still uncommon in the United States. While the bidet traditionally existed only as a separate fixture in the bathroom, the modern bidet is much sleeker. The attachable bidet fits right on the toilet seat and is hardly even noticeable. This tool has many benefits for the elderly.

One of the greatest benefits of the attachable bidet is that it fits right on the toilet. This means that the user can go to the restroom and use the bidet without getting up. For individuals who have trouble getting up and down, this is a very important feature. Transferring to the toilet may be difficult, especially for those with a wheelchair or walker. Once the individual is seated, however, the bidet toilet seat ensures that he or she won’t need to get up again until the entire washing and drying process is complete. Modern bidets have many features and are very thorough.

Cleaning up with toilet paper can be difficult even for individuals who can still walk well. Asking for help is embarrassing, but the bidet makes it easy to let another fixture do all the work. The bidet offers both a posterior wash for bowel movements and a feminine wash for women. With the controls on the bidet toilet seat, the user can set the pressure and temperature and choose the desired wash. The bidet will then apply a water spray for about 15 seconds. The user can opt for a second spray if needed. Massaging jets, an enema spray, and a soft aerated spray are additional options with some bidets.

To further streamline the process, many attachable bidet options today offer a warm air dry as well. This allows the user to dry off after using the bidet without getting up off the toilet. With this feature, using the restroom is very easy, and doesn’t require a lot of dexterity or coordination. Hands stay clean, and the entire process is thorough and very hygienic. For a more comfortable experience, users can even choose a bidets with a heated toilet seat. The bidet toilet seat is a smart fixture that makes using the restroom easy for elderly individuals at almost any stage.