How Bidets Battle Germs

Bidets Verses Toilet Paper

The bidet is a great solution for increasing personal hygiene. Though bidets are not very common in the United States, they are actually much more efficient at cleaning up after bowel movements than toilet paper is. Wiping with dry paper rarely removes all of the bacteria from the body. In fact, poor quality toilet paper often tears or flakes away, leaving soiled toiled paper behind. With the bidet, there’s no risk of anything being left behind, because this fixture uses only water to clean the genital area after a bowel movement. If you’re interested in a cleaner bathroom, a bidet could be the answer.

After a bowel movement, it’s important to clean the anal area thoroughly to get rid of any bacteria that are left behind. If this isn’t done properly, the bacteria can grow and spread on the skin. This may lead to a bacterial infection. For women, fecal matter that travels to the vaginal area can cause many uncomfortable infections. The wiping of toilet paper often smears bacteria around rather than cleaning it up. Even when the paper appears clean, bacteria can still be present. A stream of water is much more effective for washing bacteria away. A bidet is also more likely to prevent any remaining bacteria from spreading.

Another weakness of toilet paper in the area of personal hygiene is the fact that it must be used by hand. The user needs to wipe him or herself with toilet paper, and this can easily transfer bacteria to the hands. Even if you wash your hands after using the restroom, you can still transfer bacteria to the faucet handles or soap bottle before your hands get clean. This is just the first step to a bathroom that’s crawling with bacteria on every surface. Once bacteria have a foothold in one place, it’s very easy for it to spread in this warm, damp environment.

With a bidet, the user doesn’t need to touch toilet paper or his or her genital area. All the work is done by the stream of water. This is much better for personal hygiene. Many attachable bidet fixtures today even have a drying feature. This uses warm air to dry the genital area after using the bidet, so the user doesn’t even need to pat dry with tissue. A bidet can be used after bowel movements for both men and women. Women can also use the bidet to increase feminine hygiene with a quick rinse after urinating. A bidet is a much cleaner alternative for all types of users