How Bidets Reduce Inflammation

Bidets Can Help With Inflammation

The bidet is a well-known tool for easing many health problems including hemorrhoids. Any time there is inflammation around the vaginal area or anal area, a bidet can be used to ease the pain, cleanse the area, and control inflammation. The genital area is one part of the body that can be difficult to keep clean. It needs to be cleansed thoroughly after every bowel movement. For the best personal hygiene, it’s also best to wash up with a bidet after sexual intercourse. Women can use a bidet to keep clean during their menstrual cycle. When you’re experiencing inflammation, you should try to stay as clean as possible.

The bidet is typically used after going to the bathroom, and especially after a bowel movement. However, individuals who are experiencing inflammation can use it much more often if needed. The bidet toilet seat is operated with push button controls. These often have several different settings. An aerated spray wash is the most comfortable option for individuals who want to ease inflammation. Using this wash regularly throughout the day can help ease pain from hemorrhoids greatly. If you have to spend a lot of time sitting in one place, such as at a desk, regular breaks to use the bidet can be very refreshing.

The best way to get relief from inflammation with a bidet is to opt for a cool water wash. Most bidets have several temperature settings. With hemorrhoids or other types of inflammation, you may feel a sense of heat. If you find yourself wishing you could just sit on an ice pack, head to the bidet and try a nice cold water cleanse. This will help to soothe the irritated area. For patients with hemorrhoids, it’s been proven that the hemorrhoids shrink faster and pain recedes sooner when the patient uses a bidet. Don’t be afraid to return to this treatment often.

The bidet may also help to lessen inflammation for women after childbirth. The vaginal area can be very sore and uncomfortable after having a baby, especially if stitches are involved. Cleaning up frequently is important, but dry toilet paper can be very irritating and rough in this sensitive area. The best treatment in this situation is a cool bidet feminine cleanse. Using the bidet often, as with hemorrhoids, will help the inflammation to go away sooner. A bidet toilet seat is a discreet addition to any home, and can be enjoyed by everyone for both daily use and special treatments like these.