How to Choose a Bidet

Choosing A Bidet

There are many benefits of using bidet fixtures. This toilet seat attachment is quick and easy to install, and will virtually replace toilet paper. You’ll cut down on your paper waste dramatically when you choose to add a bidet to your bathroom. The bidet is also cleaner and more effective than toilet paper. Whether you’re looking to improve personal hygiene, or want a safe and natural way to treat constipation and hemorrhoids, a bidet could be the answer. You can find an attachable bidet to fit almost any type of toilet, and most options won’t take up any extra space in your bathroom.

The first consideration when you’re choosing a bidet is what you need it for. If you simply want to use your bidet for personal hygiene, even the most basic of models will work. If you’re looking to enhance feminine hygiene as well, you may want a bidet with an added feature for this area. A separate nozzle and aerated stream is often best for feminine hygiene needs. If you have children in the home, you’ll be happy to find that many bidets have a separate setting that is intended to accommodate younger users. There’s truly a bidet design for every family.

If you have family members who struggle with dexterity, a bidet is a great way to make it easier for these individuals to use the restroom. Many bidet toilet seats even have a wireless remote control. This feature is ideal for those who don’t want to twist around to adjust the settings. If you have elderly family members, or those with disabilities, consider an option with an easy-to-use remote. Designate a special shelf in the bathroom for this remote control so it’s always within reach and easy to find. This way, users can control all the settings of the bidet without any added hassle.

Finally, consider the layout of your bathroom. Some bidets do require electricity. In most bathrooms, this isn’t a problem. However, if you do not have an outlet available, you may need to choose a bidet model that does not run on electricity. As well, some models have a small attachable tank that you will need to have a space for. If you’re working with limited space, there are very small, economical bidets that can fit onto almost any toilet seat, use your existing water source, and are hardly noticeable. Whether you want a top end model or something small, there’s a bidet for you.