How to Dry Off After Using a Bidet: Our Bidets with An Air-Dry Feature

Bidets offer a refreshing, luxurious bathroom experience – but how do you dry off afterward? Most of our bidet toilets and bidet seats come with an Air-Dry feature that directs warm air to dry the area for you. For women, the Air-Dry feature performs well after using either a feminine wash or a posterior wash.

In the case of our non-electric bidet attachments, which don’t come equipped with Air-Dry, you’ll only need a small amount of toilet paper to dry off.

How to Use a Bidet with an Air-Dryer

The Air-Dry feature is easy to use and control. Simply press the dryer button located on the remote control or in-unit console. While the controls and buttons vary from model to model, the Air-Dry feature always has a clearly marked button.

It’s uncommon to still find water on your backside after using the dryer, but if there’s still some left, use a small amount of toilet paper to finish the job.

Our luxury bidet toilets and bidet seats offer Air-Dryers with adjustable air temperature and air pressure – giving you full control.

Check out the enhanced warm Air-Dryer feature on our new Discovery DLS Bidet Seat!

How to Dry Off After Using a Bidet Attachment

Since our bidet attachments are non-electric and not equipped with an Air-Dry feature, we recommend using a small amount of toilet paper to dry yourself off. Some people prefer to use reusable towels such as bamboo towels. If you choose to use bamboo towels to dry off, be sure to wash them after each use. It’s also important to make sure that any paper product you use to dry off is flushable before discarding it in the toilet. Products such as paper towels and tissues should not be flushed, but rather discarded in a waste bin.

Which Type of Bidet Is Best for Me?

Bio Bidet products have features that range from basic to top-end luxury. If you need help choosing the type of bidet or specific model that’s right for you, speak with a member of our team by using the chat feature on our website. Or send us a message on social media: We’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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