How to Include a Bidet with Bathroom Remodeling

Bidet Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re interested in installing a bidet in the traditional sense, this is something that you’ll need to do as part of major bathroom remodeling. A traditional bidet is a separate fixture that is typically situated next to the toilet. The bidet has a small basin like a sink and two taps for adjusting hot and cold water. With this type of bidet, you will need to hire an experienced plumber to hook the fixture up. If you’re set on installing a traditional bidet, make sure that you have plenty of room in the bathroom for the user to squat comfortably and use the fixture.

If you’re looking at a bathroom remodeling project and struggling to find the space for a bidet, you have a second option available to you.

A bidet toilet seat can be installed on your regular toilet. It’s best to have a two-piece toilet for this, so keep this in mind if you’re ordering a new toilet fixture. Before you commit to buying a new toilet seat, however, consider your options with an attachable bidet. Many bidet toilet seats will take the place of a regular toilet seat. An attachable bidet is just as effective as a standalone model and often offers many more features.

With a bidet toilet seat, you’ll have your choice of several different models and a wide range of features. The bidet toilet seat can be very basic, with a simple posterior wash option, or it can include many different washes. A feminine wash is another common choice. You may also choose to install a bidet with an enema function, an aerated spray wash, or a massaging wash. Individuals with constipation often find the pulsations of a bidet with this setting are very effective for relieving constipation. If you want a very high end model, you can even have a heated toilet seat.

After examining the options and making your selection, bringing the bidet home and installing it will be a cinch. Each bidet comes with a set of specific instructions for home installation. You shouldn’t need a professional at all. If you’re having a new toilet installed, it will be easier to install the bidet at the same time. That way you won’t need to alter the piping that’s just been installed. The bidet simply requires a t-valve for a secondary supply of water to the bidet. Including a bidet in your bathroom remodeling process is very easy and a rewarding choice that you’re sure to enjoy.