How to Maintain Your Bidet

Maintaining Your Bidet

Most people in the United States are familiar with the proper process for cleaning and maintaining a bathroom, but far fewer are aware of the steps involved in taking care of a bidet. In fact, many Americans don’t even know what a bidet is. The bidet is a very common bathroom fixture in foreign countries. This basin provides a jet of water that can be used to clean the genital area after using the restroom. The bidet essentially does the job of toilet paper but with much less mess, minimal irritation, and absolutely no paper waste. The modern bidet is beginning to find a place in America.

If you’ve chosen to add a bidet toilet seat to your home – congratulations! This fixture will improve your personal hygiene and reduce the amount of toilet paper that you need to flush away every day. There are many benefits of using bidet toilet seats. This fixture requires very little maintenance. However, if you’ve added a bidet to your bathroom, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Understanding how the bidet toilet seat works will give you the knowledge you need to keep it in great working condition. As with all home fixtures, regular cleaning and tune ups are required for the best results.

DOs and DON”Ts:

  • DO clean seat in regular base
  • DON”T clean seat with any detergent. Use only clean damp cloth
  • DO clean deodorizer filter once a year. No replacement is required
  • DON”T use exteral water filter unless you have hard water issue.
  • DON”T sit on the lid. It will develop scraches on bottom of the lid and eventually develop cracks on lid.

Most bidets are self cleaning. They spray extra water after each use to keep the bidet nozzle clean. This does not mean that the bidet never needs to be cleaned. If you have a bidet toilet seat, the seat itself needs to be cleaned just like usual. Clean the top and bottom of the seat, as well as the area beneath it, at least once a week. Families with a lot of young boys will need to clean the toilet area much more frequently. Women who live alone may be able to get away with less frequent cleanings. In general, clean your toilet as usual.

If you notice that your bidet isn’t working correctly, there are several ways to troubleshoot the issue. If your bidet has a wireless remote, your first step should be replacing the batteries. If the bidet is connected to an outlet, make sure that it’s still plugged in securely. Most bidets get their water from a t-valve installed on the toilet’s water supply. Check both the valve and the surrounding piping for leaks. Keep in mind that turning off the water to the toilet will also stop water to the bidet. If you still need help, your bidet will come with a detailed manual and customer service number.

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