How to Use a Bidet Attachment for an Existing Toilet

How to Use a Bidet Attachment

A bidet attachment is an excellent option for those who are curious about purchasing a bidet for their household but who don’t want to make a big initial investment.

Like most new things, there’s a slight learning curve when it comes to figuring out how to use a bidet attachment for an existing toilet. Thankfully, the attachment options from Bio Bidet are easy to install, easy to use and – most important – do a great job of keeping you clean.

What Is a Bidet Toilet Attachment?

A bidet attachment, like the Bio Bidet SlimEdge, is a thin L-shaped metal mechanism that attaches to most toilets between the seat and toilet without the assistance of a professional plumber. Most bidet attachments are powered by water pressure and not electricity, making installation a cinch even for the most novice of DIYers.

Many gravitate toward attachments because they’re more affordable than bidet toilets and bidet seats and because they easily attach to most existing toilets.

How to Use a Bidet Toilet Attachment

Below we’ve outlined everything you need to know:

  • Bidet attachments are DIY products that don’t require a plumber or special tools. Most installs take about 10 minutes!
  • Positioning over the bidet. Bidet attachments are no different from bidet toilets or seats regarding your seating position over the sprayer. The nozzles, controlled by knobs, are designed to naturally direct water to leave you clean and feeling refreshed.
  • Warm and cold knobs. Even without electricity to warm things up, most bidet attachments have knobs for cold- and warm-water-cleaning experiences.
  • Settings and features. Most bidet attachments have controls for temperature. Some models, like the Duo BB-270, include an additional soft-mist nozzle for a feminine wash.

Installing a Bidet Attachment

Bidet attachments are designed for easy DIY installs, but it’s important to follow the instructions in the manual.

Start your installation by turning off the water supply at the toilet.

You will likely need a flathead screwdriver to remove the existing toilet seat, but attaching the water hoses to the bidet and to your water supply is done by hand.

Make sure not to overtighten the hose connections. Use your hands instead of a wrench to tighten all hose connections to avoid any leaks.

After completing your installation, slowly turn the water supply valve back on. If there are no leaks after about five minutes, you’re ready to start using your bidet attachment!

Positioning Yourself Over the Nozzle(s)

Whether you’re using a bidet attachment or an all-in-one bidet toilet, it’s not difficult to correctly position yourself onto the bidet. Bidet attachments, like the Elite3, are designed to let you sit naturally on a toilet seat, do your business and then properly clean yourself by turning a knob.

While more of a squatting position lets the nozzle spray the most important parts of your backside after going to the bathroom, it’s not a requirement.

When water runs through the unit, the nozzle extends to a full cleaning position. When the water stops, it returns to its hidden position. The attachment is designed for pinpoint cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about water spraying on your legs or thighs. The same holds true for bidet attachments that include an additional feminine wash nozzle.

It takes about 20 to 30 seconds of spraying to properly clean your posterior.

Using Knobs for Hot and Cold Water

Depending on which bidet attachment you purchase, you may have knobs to control the temperature of the water that sprays from the nozzles.

The Duo B-270, for instance, comes with a warm water feature and a knob to control the temperature. It’s not as easy, though, as cranking the knob to the warmest setting. For immediate warm water, you will need to run the cold-water bypass before each use for about 10 seconds to clear the lines and allow warm water to come in. You can always start with a colder wash and end with a warmer temperature.

Understanding Bidet Attachment Settings and Features

When it comes to features and settings, bidet attachments are more basic than all-in-one bidet toilets and bidet toilet seats, but they can still offer a tailored cleaning experience.

The BB-270 Duo features a temperature-control knob, nozzle selector for a posterior or feminine wash, and a pressure setting knob to adjust the water pressure to a level you’re comfortable with.

Bio Bidet’s most economical bidet attachment, the SlimEdge, doesn’t offer temperature control but does feature adjustable water pressure by turning the knob from left to right.

Bidet Seat vs. Bidet Attachment

An attachment is an economical and painless way to experience an unbelievable clean feeling.

Bidet seats offer more features like pulsating and massage-cleaning nozzles but come with higher price tags. Many bidet seats also require electricity, so make sure your toilet is near an outlet.

It’s best to research the benefits of both bidet attachments and seats to determine which product is best for you.

Ready to Buy a Bidet?

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