How to Use a Bidet for Women (the Right Way)


Bidets are a girl's best friend. A thorough bidet wash offers an instant splash of freshness that everyone will appreciate, especially women who put a premium on feeling clean. Some women are wary of trying bidets for the first time, despite the benefits – like a more hygienic clean and reduced carbon footprint.

Let's put those worries to rest.

First Things First: Are Bidets Sanitary for Females?

Yes, bidets are safe and sanitary for women. Just as you would with anything (e.g., toilet paper) in the bathroom, the key to using a bidet is to avoid contact with contamination. If you're using a bidet correctly, there's less risk of bacterial contact than when using toilet paper.

To be very clear (and not a little graphic), proper bidet use ensures the water spray keeps fecal matter away from the vaginal area. We'll get into the details below.

Trying a Bidet for the First Time

Start by identifying two key components:

  • The spray nozzle (heads up, there may be two!)
  • The control knob or remote

Dual-nozzle bidets are designed to spray both your posterior and female genitalia. Each nozzle operates independently, allowing women to get the comfortable clean where they need it – and when they're ready for it. Also known as the feminine wash, the front wand on a dual-nozzle bidet offers the user an excellent way to safely and comfortably clean their outer genitalia, reducing or eliminating their need for feminine wipe products.

Here are a few tips to make your first time on a bidet a success:

Choose your spot – Not sure how to sit on a bidet? Set yourself down exactly where you normally would. Once you start the bidet spray, you may need to move around slightly to focus the water where it needs to go. We call this the "bidet shimmy."

  • Start slow – Most bidet models (but not all) provide adjustable water pressure so you can fine-tune the spray velocity. Using the remote or knob, initiate the spray slowly so you can gauge the force of the water and get a sense of what feels right.
  • Dry yourself your way – Some folks drip-dry, and some use a towel. Others use a small amount of toilet paper. Depending on the "events" of your bathroom visit or simply your personal preference, dry off whichever way you feel most comfortable.

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The Benefits of Bio Bidet's Feminine Wash Feature

Bidets are an excellent way to feel fresh no matter what. Women can use a bidet to quickly and thoroughly cleanse their vaginal area during a menstrual cycle. The bidet wash is a gentle, no-touch way to remove bacteria, lowering the risk of UTIs. Additionally, many post-natal mothers prefer using a bidet after childbirth to reduce the risk of infection.

The Best Female Bidet for Any Budget

The wide range of bidet seats, bidet attachments, and bidet toilets gives women plenty of options. Depending on your budget and must-have features, here are four bidets to consider:

SlimEdge Bidet Attachment

The SlimEdge attachment is affordable, easy to install, and offers a second nozzle as a dedicated feminine wash. As the name suggests, the slim and sleek design makes it our lowest-profile bidet attachment. It's a great choice if you want a stylish look without too many extras – and you'll have this installed in 30 minutes or less!

Check out the SlimEdge

Bliss BB-2000 Bidet Seat

The BLISS BB-2000 is an electric bidet seat with an on-demand water heating system, so you'll never run out of hot water. The 3-in-1 nozzle includes our signature Vortex stream, an excellent posterior wash, and the best feminine wash bidet nozzle on the market. It also features Bubble Infusion technology, which adds aeration to the water, creating a higher-pressure sensation even though the wash is very soft.

See the Bliss BB-2000

BB-1000 Supreme Bidet Seat

An electric bidet seat that features a powerful built-in motor to ensure a consistent and satisfying water stream. Whether it's a gentle feminine wash, a robust posterior wash, or our patented Vortex wash (enema wash to assist with bowel movements), you can rest assured you'll get the perfect stream of water every time.

All the BB-1000 Supreme details

That's just three options; there's a lot more to choose from. Not sure which model is right for you? Take the Bidet Quiz and find the perfect fit in seconds.

Still Not Sure How to Use a Bidet as a Woman?

That's okay! We've put together the most commonly asked questions about female bidet use to give you the confidence to give it a go.

Do You Use a Bidet After Peeing?

Absolutely! Many women use bidets to rinse off quickly; it usually just takes a second or two. As noted above, experiment to find the right water pressure for a comfortable clean.

Are Bidets Safe for Women?

Bidets are a sanitary and sustainable alternative to toilet paper. When used properly, bidets are less likely to spread germs and bacteria than wiping with TP. Bidets support women's health and help to lower your carbon footprint!

Find Your New Bidet Today: Make the Switch, Enjoy the Clean

Everyone appreciates feeling fresh – especially women. Bidets offer a convenient way to level up your hygiene routine. At Bio Bidet by Bemis, we've designed all of our bidets to be easy to install, easy to clean, and comfortable for everyone to use. See why ladies love bidets – shop bidet attachments and bidet seats and make a smart switch today.