How to Use a Portable Bidet

Using A Portable Bidet

The bidet is a personal hygiene fixture that helps individuals clean up after using the restroom. The bidet replaces toilet paper with a stream of water for a very hygienic clean. Bidets are common in foreign countries, but you can’t always be sure that you’ll find one. In theUnited States, bidets are very rare and you will almost never find one in a public restroom. If you prefer to use a bidet when you’re going to the restroom, you can now take this convenient personal hygiene feature with you everywhere you go. The portable bidet is a wonderful innovation that gives you the convenience of a bidet anywhere.

The idea of a portable bidet is very revolutionary. Though it may seem strange, using a portable bidet is actually very easy. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Place two AA batteries in your portable bidet unit.
  2. Remove the tank from the bidet and open the water cap. Fill the tank with water at the desired temperature for your bidet.
  3. Close the water cap tightly and replace the tank in the portable bidet unit.
  4. Insert the appropriate nozzle into the nozzle support area. The portable bidet comes with both anterior and posterior nozzles.
  5. Position the bidet appropriately and press the operation switch on the unit.

Using the portable bidet is quick and easy. You can fill up the tank in any restroom. The portable bidet unit is very discreet. It comes with a convenient carrying case so it’s easy to take along anywhere you go. Stashed in a purse, no one will know what you’re carrying along. The portable bidet is a great personal hygiene article tool that can be used anywhere. You can tote it along to make clean up easier in small, cramped airplane restrooms. Take it when travelling overseas and you’re concerned about the sanitation in the restroom. Keep it on hand for public restrooms at work or the mall.

After trying the convenience of a bidet, many people find that they prefer this method of cleaning up. With a portable bidet, you never have to use toilet paper to wipe up after a bowel movement again. A portable bidet is also a nice option to have along even if you don’t always use it. You never know when you’ll be stuck in a bathroom with no toilet paper. The portable bidet ensures that you’re always fresh and clean. With posterior and anterior nozzles, the portable bidet can even be used for a refreshing feminine wash at any time. This device is small, portable, and extremely convenient.

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