"Join the Movement" Campaign from BioBidet

Bio Bidet has had a hell of a 2017 thus far. We’ve launched several successful new models of bidets, 3 variations of motion sense kitchen faucets and seem to be making headlines on social media pages every few weeks!

We’re excited to announce the completion of a big project that got us partnering with several new friends and influential social media stars on various platforms all across the US! We’ve released our first big ad in our “Join the Movement” Campaign featuring recognizable faces from all over social media.

We can’t thank these individuals enough as they help us push the #bidetlife and educating folks on how #waterdoesitbetter.

Watch the video here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E1iSUpB7Nk

We’re just a humble bidet company out of the NW suburbs of Chicago trying to spread the word about bidets and improved butt hygiene. Our mission is to educate all who are unfamiliar with bidets on how they can improve health, improve your hygiene and are more Eco-friendly than wasteful toilet paper! Bidets are rising in popularity in the US and we want you to join the movement as well!

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