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Forum requested by Harry D

I am bit confused in choosing right models for my family.

We are considering purchase one of Bio Bidet elecronic toilet seat but not sure which model to choose.

There are 4 bidet seats BB-600, BB800, USPA, and BB-1000 we are consider buying but not sure what are the main difference between models. There is only a $50 difference from BB-600 to 800 and then to the BB-800 to BB-1000 and wouldn’t mind spend extra $50 for the product that my family will enjoy for the years to come but I at least want to make sure that I know for sure what I am spending extra $50 for.

What are the main difference between bidet seat models?


Harry D

Response by Admin

Hi Harry,

An electric seat would be an excellent choice for your family. The BB-600, BB-800, USPA 6800, and BB-1000 are luxury models with full standard features and each model is also equipped with Unique and Exclusve features as an addition.

Here are list of standard features and exclusive features for each models.

Exclusive Features & Patented Tecnologies

BB-1000 Supreme ortex Water | Patented 3 in 1 Nozzle | Deodorizer | Wireless Remote Control

USPA 6800 Auto Wash | Child Wash | Dual Nozzle | Deodorizer | Wireless Remote Control

BB-800 Prestige Turbo Wash | Patented 3 in 1 Nozzle | Turbo Wash | Patented 3 in 1 Nozzle

BB-600 Ultimate Auto Wash | Child Wash | Dual Nozzle | Convenient Side Pane

Vortex Water Stream: Patented Vortex Water Stream allows maximum cleaning as well as an enema
3 in 1 Nozzle: Patented 3 in 1 Nozzle with anterior, posterior, and enema feature in one pocket eliminates the possibility for malfunction that comes with dual nozzles
Turbo Wash: Scientifically proven to produce a helix stream of gentle water.
Wireless Remote Control: Wireless remote control can be handheld or mounted on the wall and has one of the largest push buttons in the industry for easy operation
Deodorizer: A power deodorizer that eliminates up to 90% of offensive odors
Auto Wash: Full cycle of washing and drying by the touch of one button
Child Wash: A gentle cycle of wash and dry for kids (lower temperatures and lighter pressure
Aerated Bubble: Built-in pump with aerated bubble for softer yet more effective cleaning
Available with ALL bio bidet toilet seats

Standard Luxury Features

Warm Water:

Builte in water tank and heater for consistent warm water without having to be connected to hot water supply.

Samrt Power Savings:

calculates the time of day when it is most used for miximum savings.

Self Diagnose:

Your bidet will tell you when it is not able to perform to optimum standards.

Effective Stream:

Utilizes a gentle, aerated water stream that is a mixture of water and air bubbles to ensure a softer, yet more effective method of cleaning.

Self Cleaning:

Automatic nozzle self cleans before and after eash use to ensure maximum hygiene and to eliminate the need for the owner to manually clean.

Posterior Wash:

Soft but satisfying aerated water stream with a specially designed builet-in aerated pump.

Anteriro Wash:

A soft, aerated mist of feminine cleansing.


Nozzle automatically moves back and forth for a wider clean.


A rapid, pulsating water stream to stimulate bowel movement.

War Air Dry:

A pleasnt dryer that further eliminates the need to use toilet paper.

Heated Seat:

Just another way we keep your comfort in mind.

Hydraulic Seat & Lid:

Soft and gentle closing.