Personal Hygiene – Avoiding the Consequences of Poor Personal Hygiene

What are the consequences of poor personal hygiene? First is body odor. Have you ever smelled someone before you saw them? That is just one example of extreme body odor. Nevertheless, it does not have to be that extreme for people to notice. If you fail to wipe yourself completely after completing your toilet activities, you may be surprised at the smell left behind. Toilet paper may try to cover it up with a “fresh” scent. Nevertheless, in the end, the smell is still there. You need to take showers regularly. Using a shower on your posterior after passing a stool is the same concept. An attachable bidet is the answer.

Second is poor social interaction. People do not care to be around people who do not smell good. That begins with your breath. When you look at a person and speak, you are directing your breath in their direction. If you have bad breath, the person will notice it. The same goes for your clothing. If they do not smell good, the person closest to you will notice. Taking steps to keep you clean inside and out makes a difference. Using a shower regularly helps. Using an attachable bidet will help with your toilet personal hygiene.

Third is disease. When you fail to wash and keep yourself clean appropriately, you will accumulate bacteria and microbes that normally wash off with soap. While most will not cause problems, the few virulent ones will. Some of the microbes found in fecal matter, for instance, include salmonella, E. coli, and Yersinia. Salmonella is often associated with food poisoning as is E. coli. One strain of Yersinia is what causes the plague, while other strains cause other diseases. The best option is to get clean and stay clean.

Fourth is poor self esteem. When people treat you poorly due to your bad personal hygiene, it can lead to problems with self-esteem. No one wants people to avoid him or her. You want people to like you. Taking steps to increase your hygiene will help you feel better about yourself as well as how others feel about you. You can take many steps in that direction. You can shower more often and use personal products. You can also add an attachable bidet to the mix. You can get everything down below clean and dry without touching it. You will find that you feel cleaner and that will help things further.