Personal Hygiene – Principles of Personal Hygiene in the Bathroom

Principle #1: Limit your contact with contaminants. Dirt, germs, and contaminants of all sorts are everywhere you touch. That is true in a bathroom especially. You want to limit your contact with contaminants on all surfaces. You may have used the towel to turn off the water after washing your hands. You might use your shirt tail to flush the toilet. Yet, you still use toilet paper to clean your rectal and genital areas after using the toilet. That makes no sense. In order to keep contact with contaminants to a minimum, you need to keep your hands away from those areas in particular. An attachable bidet will do the trick.

Principle #2: Get help when needed to keep clean. Don’t try to clean your hands or body after getting contaminated. Use whatever you can to prevent it in the first place. You would not clean your posterior with a bare hand. You would likely grab some toilet tissue to assist you in that endeavor. You will not clean your hands with just water if using disinfectant soap is an option. Getting the extra bit of help will help you prevent and eliminate contaminants. Without that extra bit of help, you are fighting an uphill battle.

Principle #3: Use the best tools for the job. You would not use a tiny finger bandage to patch up a major gunshot wound in the abdomen. You need the right tools to do the job properly. That means using the right disinfectant soap. It means using a razor instead of tweezers on your legs. It means putting an attachable bidet on your toilet to clean your genital and rectal areas after using the facilities. Putting the right tools in place will make a significant difference in your personal hygiene. Principle #4: Maintain cleanliness in the bathroom for maximum personal cleanliness. You can take all the steps you want for personal hygiene. However, if you do not keep the bathroom clean, you are fighting a losing battle. That means keeping your sink and shower clean. You will want to clean drains as well as faucet handles. Keep the water spigots clean along with the nozzles on your personal bidet. These steps will help you maintain your hygiene at the highest levels. If you do not, the contaminants in the environment will settle on the surfaces in the room. In addition, you can carry those contaminants to other areas of your home.