Postpartum Recovery Tips to Start Healing

New mothers have spent the previous nine months experiencing profound changes to their bodies. After labor, it’s time to start healing. That isn’t easy to do alongside the new demands of motherhood.

Read on to learn how you can make your postpartum recovery process more comfortable.

The Postpartum Timeline

Just how long does it take to recover after giving birth? No matter how relatively easy or difficult your delivery was, healthcare professionals consider the first six weeks after birth as the recovery period. Every woman, pregnancy, and delivery is different; so you may need more time to fully heal.

Take the time to understand all the physical and emotional symptoms of the postpartum process and talk with a healthcare professional to learn more.

The Ultimate Postpartum Recovery Kit

Put your body in a position to heal successfully with a mix of perineal care products and the most important factor in postpartum recovery: rest. Sleep as often as you can and make it a priority to lay down whenever the baby is sleeping or being cared for by a friend or family member.

Take care of your body by preparing a postpartum recovery tool kit ideally before you give birth. Here’s what to look for:

Postpartum Underwear

In addition to maternity pads, find a few pairs of postpartum underwear. These are designed to be extra absorbent and to fit bulky pads and ice packs as you begin to heal. There are both cloth and disposable options available but opting for cloth underwear reduces waste – they’re also just more comfortable!

Perineal Spray

These handheld spray bottles offer quick cooling and itch relief. Most perineal sprays can also reduce swelling and ease the discomfort caused by tears or bruising. Experiment with a few different kinds to find one that works best for you.

Pain Reliever 

Your doctor may prescribe pain medication for a few days after you give birth, especially if you delivered via C-section. Stock up on Advil or ibuprofen for steady pain relief. Always use medication as directed and talk to your doctor about dosage recommendations.

Perineal Spray Bottle

In the hospital, at home, or on the go, using a peri bottle to rinse off can help new moms avoid infection and irritation. Our Pearl Travel Bidet is a great option to stash in your purse or diaper bag.

Bidet Seat or Attachment

Using the bathroom after giving birth can be uncomfortable enough. Abrasive toilet paper can be simply unbearable in the days and weeks after delivery. Instead, find a bidet seat or bidet attachment to make a postpartum bathroom visit more comfortable. Using a bidet spray is more hygienic than toilet paper, reduces irritation, and can help keep your recovery on track.

The Best Bidet for Postpartum Healing

Finding the right bidet style is all about finding the features you’re looking for. The best bidet for women will always have two nozzles that offer posterior and anterior cleansing. You might also look for options such as:

  • Heated seat
  • Warm air-dry
  • UV-sterilization
  • Wireless remote

Best Bidet Attachment for Women and New Moms

The Elite 3 is an inexpensive bidet attachment that fits on your existing toilet. It offers dual-nozzle functionality in a simple and stylish package. It offers self-cleaning, is easy to install, and doesn’t require electricity or batteries. It also includes adjustable water pressure to further reduce any irritation – a feature crucial for postpartum comfort.

Best Bidet Toilet Seat for Women and Postpartum Recovery

You can’t beat the BB-2000 when it comes to creating a personalized experience. In addition to dual self-cleaning nozzles, it also includes a heated seat, warm air-dryer, and warm water to make every bathroom break relaxing and just a bit luxurious. Nobody deserves extra care and comfort as much as a recovering mom. See all the features built into the BB-2000 and compare it to other bidet toilet seat options.

Recover, Heal, And Rest with Bio Bidet

We’re proud to see our products play a small role in postpartum recovery. We hope that using a bidet postpartum along with the combination of rest, recovery products, and patience, will help you be able to enjoy every second with your newborn!

To find the right model to suit your needs, learn how to install a bidet, or if you have any general questions, contact Bio Bidet today.