Should I Get a Touchless Kitchen Faucet?

Short answer: Probably! Touchless kitchen faucets are quickly becoming the go-to option for homeowners who are upgrading their kitchens. Whether it’s a quick faucet replacement or part of a technology-focused renovation, adding a motion-activated kitchen faucet is an investment you’ll appreciate every time dirty hands reach for the faucet handle.

Most customers already know the two main benefits of touchless faucets:

  • They’re convenient.
  • They’re more hygienic.

But are they a hassle to install? Do they last? We have the information to help you answer for yourself, “Are touchless faucets worth it?”

Do Touchless Faucets Require Electricity?

No. Many models don’t require electricity. Bio Bidet by Bemis’ FLOW Motion Activated faucets operate on 4 AA batteries instead of a wall outlet.

A very common and understandable misconception about motion-activated faucets is that they all require electricity. While most kitchens have a large GFCI outlet under the sink already, you won’t need it for many touchless faucets.

Are Touchless Faucets Durable?

Yes, if you choose a reliable brand. For example, a FLOW Motion Activated faucet features a metallic waterway and durable parts with long lifespans.

Across the industry, the materials used in touchless faucets vary as widely as in more traditional kitchen faucets. These materials include plastics, stainless steel, ceramic, and brushed nickel. Higher-quality, rustproof materials like stainless steel or other metal composites reduce the risk of corrosion over time.

If you choose a FLOW kitchen faucet, the only required maintenance will be wiping the motion sensor clear of soap and debris! The components are durable enough to keep performing well. Competing products are not all this tough and hassle-free.

Your Touchless Kitchen Faucet Is a Water Saver, Too

Water savers are money savers. A touchless sink faucet stops the automated flow of water when you’re not actively using it. That means you can avoid wasting the gallons of water that typically result from the sink being left on while you wash your hands, brush your teeth, or do the dishes.

Our FLOW faucets have an additional water-saving feature that you may not find in other touchless options. They mix air into the water stream to reduce the amount of water without sacrificing the water pressure.

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Bio Bidet by Bemis offers two faucet options for bringing the benefits of a touchless home. Shop the full collection and contact us to learn more about features, capabilities, and installation tips!

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