Survey: Bathroom Madness Reveals our Habits, Rituals and Tactics

Survey: Bathroom Madness Reveals our Habits, Rituals and Tactics 

New consumer study confirms Taco Bell, spicy foods and music genres have great influence on how people occupy, clean and avoid using their bathrooms.

CRYSTAL LAKE -- March 17, 2021 -- Bio Bidet, the innovative developer of kitchen & bath products, announced the findings of its 2021 Bathroom Madness study that found nearly half of Americans (44%) spend one hour or more per day in their bathroom, and 8% spend 2 or more hours in the bathroom every day. While in their bathrooms, 62% are comfortable talking on the phone while on the toilet, 75% shut the door when using the bathroom (24% lock the door) and the other 25% leave the door open (14% wide open).

The study shared that 44% of Americans play music when using their own bathrooms (54% males vs. 34% females), and when using a public bathroom, 26% prefer no music but others prefer these types of music in the bathroom:

  • 21% - Pop
  • 20% - HipHop/Rap
  • 20% - Classical
  • 18% - Rock (Classic, Indie, Alternative, Punk, Metal)
  • 18% - Country
  • 16% - R&B
  • 14% - Jazz
  • 14% - Ambient
  • 10% - Electronic

While nearly one third of Americans (32%) say they have used a bidet (42% males vs. 22% females), another 28% of Americans say they are freaked about using a bidet (36% males vs. 20% females). Interestingly, 50% of 35-44 year olds are the most experienced group of bidet users, and they’re also the group most freaked out about using a bidet (43%)

Cleanly Obsessed

Bio Bidet’s recent survey reports that most of us have increased our Hygiene Awareness due to the pandemic. This new study echoes that sentiment as 90% Americans said they clean their bathroom at least once a week, half at least every day and 15% after every use (23% males vs. 11% females), although 38% admitted they have lied about cleaning their bathrooms, 19% have lied about it more than once. 

While 93% said they clean their toilets at least once a week, 65% do it more than once a week and 17% after every use. Additionally, nearly one third of Americans say they would quit drinking alcohol (32%) or smoking weed (31%) in order to have a self-sterilizing toilet or bidet. Another 35% would sacrifice playing video games, 32% would forgo social media, 22% would give up sweets, 20% would stop watching, 17% would give up sex and 14% would stop taking showers. 

Methods to the Madness

Americans favorite tactic for “holding it” while they wait to use the bathroom is simply blocking it out of their mind (36%), while other tactics include:

  • 29% - Cross my legs
  • 28% - Pace around the room
  • 27% - Ask person using the bathroom to hurry up
  • 22% - Stand perfectly still
  • 17% - Dance around
  • 13% - Bang on the bathroom door loudly
  • 13% - Go outside

To spare themselves from an unpleasant bathroom experience, the study found that Americans avoid spicy foods (36%) more than other things, such as: 

  • 26% - fast foods
  • 26% - beer or wine
  • 24% - milk/dairy
  • 22% - Excess Fruits (prunes, figs, dates, raisins)
  • 21% - Coffee
  • 18% - Sugar substitutes
  • 15% - Garlic and Onions
  • 15% - Broccoli and Cauliflower
  • 14% - Fiber-rich foods

Finally, nearly 4 in 10 avoid Taco Bell (38%) in order to spare themselves from an unpleasant bathroom experience. Other restaurants they avoid for this purpose include:

  • 31% - Chipotle
  • 28% - KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
  • 27% - McDonalds
  • 24% - Panda Express
  • 24% - Pizza Hut
  • 23% - Burger King
  • 19% - Dominos
  • 16% - Subway
  • 16% - Wendy’s

About Propeller Insights

Propeller conducted its national online survey for Bio Bidet of 1,017 U.S. adults between January 3-6, 2021. Survey responses were nationally representative of the U.S. population for age, gender, region, and ethnicity. The maximum margin of sampling error was +/- 3 percentage points, with a 95% level of confidence.

About Bio Bidet

Headquartered in Crystal Lake, Illinois, privately-held Bio Bidet is America’s leading manufacturer and retailer of bidet toilet seats, attachments and smart home accessories. Founded in 2008, the company believes that “water does it better” when it comes to bathroom hygiene and is passionate about the positive impacts its products have on people throughout the world. The company’s innovative designs and world class support continue to increase the standard for kitchen and bathroom technology, increasing the function and beauty of customers’ homes. To learn more, visit, or follow the company on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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