Sustainable Bathroom Products for Your Next Upgrade

Eco-friendly Bathroom Products and Materials You’re Going to Love

Build your next DIY renovation or professional bathroom remodel around sustainable bathroom products that limit your environmental footprint without sacrificing an ounce of luxury.

From eco-friendly flooring to sustainable bathroom fixtures, there are some creative and stylish options for the eco-conscious home. 

What Makes a Product Sustainable?

Sustainable bathroom products should:

  • Rely on renewable or natural materials, have limited transportation emissions associated with them (think domestic, local products), and use earth-friendly packaging
  • Be designed to last longer than the industry average without impacting the environment during everyday use
  • Come from brands investing in community or social causes, or offer carbon-neutral ordering.

Always do your research to see if the specific manufacturer is up to snuff. 

How to Upgrade to a Green (Sustainable, Not Actually Colored Green) Bathroom

Start your remodel or renovation on firm footing by sourcing sustainable bathroom materials for floors, countertops, and cabinets. Eco-friendly building materials will have a lower environmental impact in the near term and reduce the risk of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may be released over time, protecting your indoor air quality.

These are some of the most sustainable bathroom flooring options on the market today:

Bamboo flooring – Bamboo replenishes in just three years, much faster than the decade or more it takes to regrow a forest. It’s also much more resilient to moisture and scratches than traditional hardwood flooring.

Ceramic tiles – Ceramics is made from clay, which means it doesn’t require destroying organic materials. Source tiles locally to reduce the emissions associated with long-distance transportation.

Cork flooring – Cork flooring is made from the bark of cork trees. Instead of harvesting the entire tree, the bark is removed and grows back! It’s an excellent flooring material for use in moist environments and is more resilient to impact than most hardwoods.

Exposed concrete – Get the industrial look with concrete flooring. Bathrooms on the ground floor often have a concrete subfloor. Instead of replacing the existing linoleum, consider leaving the concrete exposed. What could be more sustainable than using what’s already there?

Sustainable Bathroom Sinks and Fixtures

Just like flooring, sustainable bathroom sinks are made from materials that use renewable resources or recycled materials.

Bamboo – Treated bamboo is impervious to water and provides a unique aesthetic for any bathroom. Bamboo bathroom and kitchen sinks are more popular than ever and in stock at most home improvement stores.

Stone – While expensive, natural stone sinks turn your bathroom into a spa! Stunning and environmentally sustainable, stone sinks are a lovely addition to any home.

Recycled materials – Bathroom sinks made from recycled or salvaged materials have been around for years. Until recently, many of these options were only available through boutique or specialty suppliers, but increased demand means they’re now found in home stores.

The most popular materials include:

  • Recycled rubber
  • Recycled copper
  • Recycled bronze
  • Recycled glass

Dare to Commit to a Zero-waste Bathroom?

Investing in green building materials like those above is a great way to prioritize sustainability. You can keep the momentum going by choosing eco-friendly bathroom products or even committing to a zero-waste bathroom.

What is a zero-waste bathroom? The goal is in the name. No waste is produced in the bathroom. That means finding alternatives to toilet paper, tissue paper, and other single-use bathroom products.

You know where we’re going with this. Bidets reduce or replace toilet paper at home. That means fewer trees harvested, less plastic packaging, and less of your money being flushed down the toilet.

But believe it or not, sustainability is just one of many reasons to switch to a bidet seat or bidet attachment at home.

Do Sustainable Materials Make a Difference?

Most verified sustainable building materials require less energy to harvest and produce, minimize waste, lower the risk of VOCs, and the kicker: are of higher quality.

Choosing sustainable materials for your bathroom or any home project is a smart investment in the planet, your health, and your home.

Make a Green Commitment at Home

Toilet paper is one of the easiest single-use bathroom products to replace – and we’re making it easy. Shop the Bio Bidet Outlet Center for a great deal on the right bidet for your home and your budget. There’s no better way to cap off a bathroom upgrade than with the industry’s most trusted bidet brand.

You can do this!