Taking Your Bathroom to a Whole New Level?- Part 2

Bidet Toilet Seat

So you have finally found the perfect toilet and you want to know a little bit more about it and why it does what it does. Also what upgrades you might be able to do to it later on.

How much water does it use?

Well that all depends on where you live at. In most of the U.S. toilets use

1.6 gallons per flush. In California, there are high efficiency toilets that top out at 1.28 gpf due to California’s stricter water consumption laws.

Some toilets not only have one flush, but two different types of flushes to save even more water. Most toilets have the single flush, where is drains all the water from the tank and refills.

Recently companies have developed a way to regulate different types of flushes for solid and liquid! There is the partial flush for liquid, which is constantly being improved. And the full flush for solids.

Why is 1.6 the magic number? Back in the early 90’s the U.S. Government passed a law stating that the water consumption of toilets needed to be reduced because the toilets that they had then were wasting too much water. Most toilets were using between 3 and 5 gallons per flush! That is quite a lot of water to be used just to flush some different liquid down the drain.

Now you need to figure out if you want to upgrade it in the future.

There are an array of Bio Bidet seats available, heated seats, night lights, all kinds of things. The bidet seat is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. and for good reason. With sanitation concerns on the rise bidets and bidet seats will start to become an everyday item in the average household.

The bidet seat has multiple functions. Not only does it wash you thoroughly, but it also may have a heated seat, which in the winter is an amazing feature. No more freezing cold seat!

Now let’s say you didn’t want a bidet seat.

That’s fine there are plenty of other options to go with. The heated seats on the market today serve their purpose and the night lights also do as well.

Now you have to consider how effective your flush needs to be. Aren’t all flushes the same? Don’t they just send water through and everything is gone? That is true, but some flush more efficiently than the others.

The power flush scale is rated based on how well your toilet can dispose of waste. This scale is rated from 100-1000. The lower the number the less it can handle but the higher the number the more it can flush away! There are toilets that use compressed air to help dispose of waste with less and less water.

Those are just some things you need to know before you go out and spend money on a toilet blindly.

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