The Best Smart Home Gadgets are in the Kitchen


Have you ever tried to keep track of just how many times you use the kitchen sink every day? Especially if you do plenty of your own cooking, the kitchen faucet is likely exposed to lots of dirty hands and nasty germs. From raw poultry to impossibly sticky fingers, the handle of your faucet is probably a filthy petri dish by dinner time. That’s why the best touchless kitchen faucets rely on motion-activated sensors to offer a more hygienic food preparation environment.

So, how does the FLOW sink know you’re ready for water? A nifty motion sensor.

How Do Motion Sensors Work?

Whether it’s a high-tech security system, an exterior porch light, or the faucet in your kitchen, motion sensors largely work the same way. A motion sensor emits a beam of infrared energy waves. This beam can be cast widely (think of the wide range of an exterior light) or narrowly. These narrow beams are especially useful in more precise detection, such as spotting an obstruction before your garage door closes, or in hands-free applications like automatic doors and kitchen sinks.

Defining the Best Smart Home Gadgets

At the end of the day, many of the best smart home gadgets are about making life more convenient. Perhaps the most common thread among most new tech gadgets is hands-free functionality. The real value of personal assistants like Alexa, Google Home and Siri is that they allow us to access information or resources without using our hands. We need this help because we’re busy, and there is no busier place in the home than the kitchen.

Let’s Get Cooking

The average American over the age of 18 spends an average of roughly 60 minutes cooking per day. That covers all three meals. That might sound like a lot, but that’s a full 45 minutes less than the previous generation. In many ways, the modern household is attempting to create equally delicious meals in less time. In fact, 31% of survey respondents said that lack of time was the biggest hurdle when it came to cooking at home. Pair that with 15% who said that they get home from work too late to cook from scratch, and it’s clear: we wish we had more time to create great home-cooked meals.

Technology to the Rescue

Home gadgets like motion-activated, touchless kitchen sinks save time by streamlining kitchen clean-up. Knock out the dirty dishes and wipe down the counter, because the touchless elements of the faucet mean home chefs won’t have to spend yet more time cleaning and disinfecting the faucet and handle after every use.

You Don’t Want to Touch Your Kitchen Sink or Faucet, Anyway

Even more important than convenience, there is a hygienic element to touchless kitchen sinks. While you probably wouldn’t touch your toilet and then serve a meal, you almost certainly touch your kitchen sink, sponge, or faucet before bringing dinner to the table. Out of 1,000 sponges and dishcloths sampled in one study, 10% had salmonella on them. Most had E. coli and other “fecal-based bacteria.”

The sink, where all those sponges tend to congregate, is just as bad. The same study found that there is more E. coli in the kitchen sink than there is in your toilet. Experts recommend regularly cleaning your kitchen sink and kitchen faucet with disinfectants, not just vinegar or lemon juice.

Wipe down your sink regularly, and disinfect it every time you prepare raw meat, raw poultry, or raw eggs.

More Time, Fewer Germs

Bring all the advantages of motion-activated gadgetry home. Shop our FLOW faucets to combine timeless design and modern tech to regain a few extra minutes each day. Our FLOW Motion Activated Kitchen Faucet and FLOW-X Motion Activated Kitchen Faucet are ready to update your space.