Trending Bathroom Vanity Ideas (That You Can Do Yourself!)

Bathroom vanities are the unheralded hub of the home. Americans spend between 30 and 60 minutes in the bathroom daily, making the humble bathroom vanity a vital tool for organizing and storing everyday essentials. Like any space, your bathroom should work for you! These clever bathroom vanity ideas can help you enjoy every pit stop a bit more.

The Basics of Bathroom Vanity Décor

Before you start, think about your needs. Different types of vanities pose different challenges for homeowners. For example, single-sink vanities put a premium on counter space, so focus on introducing ways to integrate space-saving storage for everyday essentials. Other needs, like improved lighting, should also be a part of choosing your updated bathroom vanity décor. Set a goal and identify ways to get there!

Bathroom Vanity Ideas: DIY Projects

Ready to tackle your next bathroom upgrade yourself? Focus on introducing new colors, materials, and lighting to make personalized improvements to your bathroom without needing professional contractors or plumbers. We’ve broken down a few ideas for your bathroom vanity update based on three common bathroom design objectives:

  • Storage
  • Lighting
  • Cleaning 

Bathroom Vanity Storage Ideas

Even large bathrooms present storage problems for homeowners, and small bathrooms are a big challenge. Focus on maximizing existing storage areas and creating new places to stash toothbrushes, hand towels, and all those decorative hand soaps.

Organize Your Cabinet and Drawers

Make the most of your under-cabinet storage by removing anything superfluous. Consider storing cleaning supplies in a hallway closet and keeping only a few rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom – or none! Bidet owners use 75% less toilet paper, so you won’t need much on hand if any.

Install Floating Shelves

Your bathroom might only have one sink and one cabinet, but there’s a good chance it has four walls. Use floating shelves and hanging racks or baskets to store everything from towels to candles to your toiletries! Wire hanging baskets in the shower are a neat way to store shampoo and body wash and help keep your shower walls clean.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Upgrades

It’s no wonder that homeowners focus on bathroom lighting, whether undergoing a major renovation or just making some easy upgrades. It can be tough to get your bathroom’s lighting just right; too bright, and it’s jarring. Too dim, and you can’t see what you’re doing in there!

Use Different Fixtures

Interior designers pull from a wide array of lighting fixtures to create the perfect spa-like atmosphere. Depending on your bathroom’s layout, try replacing existing light covers and bulbs with different shades to get the brightness right.

Keep It Natural

Use natural light whenever possible. Maintain your privacy with subtle window treatments like light-colored drapes or clouded window film. Take natural lighting further by adding more reflective surfaces to the countertop or walls to disperse light evenly throughout the bathroom.

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Easy-to-Clean Vanity Ideas

We’re huge into hygiene, not hassle. Choosing the right surfaces for your countertop and vanity can make cleaning a lot easier.

So Smooth

Clean, non-porous materials are easier to clean and disinfect. Whether composite or stone, always opt for smooth countertops that won’t hide germs, mildew, or gobs of old toothpaste.

Natural Stone Does Not Rock

 Some natural stone countertops include subtle cracks and ridges that must be resealed periodically. Natural stone like quartz is beautiful, but poorly installed natural stone requires more maintenance and can lead to a subtle buildup of grime and soap scum.

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