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I purchased non-electric warm water bidet ( sorry, it is not Bio Bidet) but had to return ( good thing it was not Bio Bidet, right?) cause I was never able to get warm water supply.

I really liked idea of the product and wanted to keep the product but since I am living in the area where winter weather gets brutally cold, using cold water only is not an option for me.

I called company several times regarding the issue before I finally decided to return but they told me to open hot water facuet in the bathroom to drain cold water from pipe before I use bidet.. yea.. you heard it right, they suggested me to get up and open hot water faucet for a minute or so before each time I use bidet.

Now that I have returned it, I miss bidet so much but cant’ afford to pay hundreds of dollars for it. Do you have any bidet under $100 with warm water supply that I don’t have to get up and open hot water faucet everytime I use?

Thank you


Response by Admin

Hello LuvtoshopX86

We understand your frustration. Electric bidet seats comes with built-in water heater and Natural water bidet don’t require hot water connection. Therefore, this type of issue only applies to the non-electric models with warm water supply. We realize that it is highly uncomfortable to get up from the toilet to turn on your sink in order to get your warm water ready for use. To elimiate the issue, we have added “Cold Water By-Pass” features to all non-electric bidets with warm water supply.

The nozzle selection knob has 3 selections for Anterior, Posterior, and By-pass. When knob is selected to “by-pass” it will drain the cold water you would normally experience when first turning on the sink or, in your case, using the bidet. The cold water drains into the toilet without spraying you through an opening above the nozzles. When you do this you will stimultaneously be cleaning your nozzles since the water will be draining down directly over them. After about 20 seconds, the warm water should be at the front of the tube and ready for use.

For bidet models that do not require electricity to run, a model such as the BB-200 or BB-250 are your best bets if you desire warm water. These bidets will supply you with the most comfort when initializing warm water. Remember, the warm water is not heated by the bidet- it comes directly from your water supply. What the bidet will do is pass the cold water that has accumulated in the tubes so that you can avoid the initial shock of cold water.