Ways of installing a bidet

OK. So you finally purchased bidet and excited to install and try it for the first time.

We recently upgraded installation parts for selected models such as BB-2000, 17000, BBC-70, and Elite3.

They now come with 7/8″ universal T valve replacing previously supplied 3/8″ junction valves. The difference is 7/8″ T connects directly to toilet fill valve where 3/8″ connects to shut-off valve.?

What is fill valve and what is shut-off valve?


Toilet fill valve fill the toilet tank with water from the water supply line after it has been emptied by a flush. Unlike shut-off valve, fill valve in North America is standard 7/8″ regardless of make and model.

That is why 7/8″ junction valve works as Universal and is gauranteed to fit any toilets. It is also easier to install in most case since threads are bigger and located closer to you when installing.


Shut off valve is a valve that cuts off water to one or more fixtures, allowing repairs without shutting off the supply system for the entire house.

It is often exposured rigth behind toilet and the most common size in North America is 3/8″. However, it can be 1/2″, 3/4″, or even connected with water supply hose permanantly

therefore you will need some conversion nuts or not even able to insert any junction valves if you had rigid pipes.

you purchase a mode with 3/8″ junction valve and found out that you had other than 3/8 shut off valve, no need to panic. Chances are we will have conversion nuts available for you.

Or you can first check if a model you wish to purchase comes with 7/8″ junction valve and if not check size of your shut off valve and request conversion nut at time of purchase.

All offered bidets are designed for D.Y.I installation with simple and straight forward installation and should only take about 15 minutes to complete.

If you run into any difficulty installing bidet, contact us first and talk to any one of our technicians before run to local hardware stores.

Technical Service can be provided either by LIVE CHAT at www.biobidetcom.com or over the phone 847.458.2334 during normal working hours of 8 to 5 daily Mon~ Fri.