What Is a Bidet Toilet Seat?

Bidets have come a long way over the past 100 years.

What started as a low-standing bowl installed next to a toilet has evolved into a tech-savvy bathroom appliance integrated with your toilet that not only cleans your bottom but is also comfortable and convenient to use.
One of the most popular bidet options on the market today is the bidet toilet seat, also commonly referred to as a bidet seat or a toilet seat bidet.


What Is a Bidet Seat?

A bidet seat is a bidet that replaces your normal toilet seat.

Bidet seats, like the ones offered by Bio Bidet, range in price depending on the features included. Our Slim Zero bidet toilet seat, for example, costs under $100. It features a battery-powered night-light but doesn’t require any electrical hookup, making for an easy DIY install. The more premium BB-1000 Supreme bidet seat is a luxury electric bidet seat designed to pamper. It features a massaging cleaning mode, a nozzle that cleans itself, and a heated seat for extra comfort.

There Are Two Other Types of Bidets

In addition to bidet seats, Bio Bidet sells bidet toilets and bidet attachments.

A bidet toilet is the most luxurious (and expensive) option because it’s a total replacement for your toilet that is fully electric and features all the latest bells and whistles to transform your trips to the bathroom. A bidet attachment, which at its most basic is simply a nozzle that attaches to your existing toilet seat, is the most affordable option and offers limited features.

The bidet toilet seat finds itself smack dab in the middle when it comes to price and features — the perfect sweet spot for many bidet shoppers.

Bidet Seat Vs. Bidet Toilet

Unlike a bidet seat, a bidet toilet completely replaces your existing toilet. Because of this, bidet toilets tend to be on the pricier side of the equation, but they’re also the most feature-packed.

Bio Bidet’s Discovery DLX Bidet Toilet, for instance, is a modern-looking, tankless electric toilet that includes UV sterilization for cleaning the nozzle after each use, a self-rising seat, and a hands-free flush. It also includes a kick control button on the front that can be used to open the lid or flush the toilet.

A bidet toilet costs about four times the amount of a bidet toilet seat, which is why many people gravitate toward the seat option. Bidet seats tend to have just as many features as their bidet toilet counterparts, but don’t look as sleek because it uses your existing toilet.

If you’re remodeling a bathroom and have used a bidet in the past, you may be more inclined to go with a bidet toilet for a totally fresh look. But for most people, a bidet seat is going to be more than enough to get used to using a bidet and staying extra clean.


Bidet Seat Vs. Bidet Attachment

For an even simpler (and more affordable) option, you can also purchase a bidet attachment, which installs under your existing toilet seat. Bidet attachments are great for getting water to your bum and are easy to install, but they lack other bells and whistles.

The bidet seat is middle ground between the bidet toilet and the bidet attachment.

The biggest difference between a bidet seat and a bidet attachment is how they’re powered. Many bidet seats are electric and offer you features like a heated seat or a built-in dryer. Bidet attachments operate similar to a faucet by twisting a knob to let the water out of the nozzle.


Which Type of Bidet Is Right for Me?

Some customers interested in getting a bidet want to dip their toes in the water by buying a bidet attachment first before upgrading to a bidet seat. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing toilet, though, go for the extra features and buy a bidet seat.

While more expensive than a bidet attachment, bidet toilet seats include many great features that make your bidet experience immensely enjoyable. You probably never knew you needed a dual-speed dryer to warm up your bum after a warm stream of water cleans things up a bit!

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