Where Does Bidet Water Come From?

close up photo of bidet water

Those who are unfamiliar with bidets may wonder where the water comes from. Rest assured, bidet water comes directly from your home water supply and is sanitary. Bidet water does not come from the toilet tank.

Bidet toilets and bidet attachments connect to the water line usually located behind your toilet. If you’re using a bidet toilet seat or bidet attachment, you may use a Y-connector to supply both your toilet and your bidet seat/attachment. This is usually the same water source that supplies your shower, sink, bath, and refrigerator (unless you have a special filtration system installed).

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What About Warm Bidet Water?

Most of our high-end bidets and bidet toilet seats come with temperature control, allowing you to personalize the water temperature of the wash. They use a built-in electric water heater to heat the water to your preferred temperature. Our Hybrid Heating Technology combines the best features of both instant heating with tank heating technology to ensure you a continuous supply of heated water. Warm bidet water is much more comfortable and provides a more pleasant experience.

Most of our non-electric models come with a “cold-water bypass” option that releases the cold water in the tank to flush the waste while it fills back up with warm water to use in the stream to wash your rear. The warm water in these models is not heated by the bidet but comes directly from your water supply. Warm water bidets require both a hot- and cold-water connection. The most common hot-water connection comes from the hot-water shut-off valve under a bathroom sink. The water source must be within six feet from the toilet and on the same side of the bathroom.

Interested in a non-electric bidet? We recommend the BB-270 DUO if you desire warm water for your wash!

Always-Clean Water for Your Bidet

The water that is used in a bidet wash does not come from your toilet bowl. It comes directly from your water supply and is sanitary – just like your drinking water. There is no need to worry whether the water that is washing your backside is safe.

If you’re interest in a bidet, both our electric and non-electric models will provide a pleasant cleaning experience. If you have any questions, use the chat feature here on our website, or send us a message on social media. We’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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