Why Aren’t Bidets More Popular in America?

The Bidet Industry Grows Up: Why Bidets Are (Finally) A Thing in the US

Bidet use in the US has always lagged behind the rest of the world, but since 2020, bidets have experienced an unprecedented surge in interest and popularity.

So, what’s behind the surging sales, and why has it taken so long for bidets to catch on with the American consumer?

Read on to learn about the results of our survey.

Bio Bidet Study Sheds Light on Bidet Market and Popularity 

In 2022, we surveyed 1,000 adults in the US to discover how common bidets are in US households, how well bidets are understood, and what’s most likely to make a household interested in the product.

Bidets in the US – Snapshot

  • Only 12% of Americans say they “know a lot about bidets”
  • More than 2/3rds of Americans have never tried a bidet
  • Bidets are more positively perceived by younger adults

 Americans Are Interested in Bidets

  • While a full 37% of Americans say they don’t know what a bidet looks like.
  • Forty-five percent of respondents said they’ve done initial research to explore bidet options, like bidet seats and bidet attachments.
  • Bidets are perceived as a positive addition to a bathroom, with 44% of responses indicating they saw bidets as “a sleek and luxurious addition to the bathroom.”

A Large Minority Wants to See More Bidets in Public Settings

One of the most interesting insights was the desire of a large portion of respondents to see more bidets in public spaces. Few American businesses utilize bidets in work settings as a luxury to employees and a cost-saving measure to reduce toilet paper expenses. Without trying bidets, consumers may be less likely to make a purchase.

The survey found that Americans want to see more public and private businesses adopt bidets. Forty-one percent of respondents would like to see bidets in public bathrooms.

Other noteworthy public locations that respondents said they would like to see bidets installed:

  • Hotels – 43%
  • Restaurants – 19%
  • Highway rest stops – 13%

The Generational Divide

Bidet interest was shown to be strongest among younger Americans. Despite the aging-in-place benefits of bidets, 51% of older Americans were more likely to view bidets as “out of the ordinary,” while over a third of those 44 and under had actually used a bidet:

Ages 18-44 Ages 45+
Have ever used a bidet: 36% 22%
Have ever owned a bidet 27% 8%


Accelerated Growth: Pandemic Shortages Popularized Bidets

One of the many ripple effects of life in lockdown and the ongoing supply chain challenges caused by COVID-19 included toilet paper shortages. Driven by the most harrowing nationwide shortages in 2020, bidet seat sales increased 16%.

Bidet industry statistics show that the pandemic push has peaked, but demand continues to grow.

What Is Holding the US Back?

According to the survey results, the biggest hurdle to wider adoption is simply awareness. Before the pandemic, many consumers considered bidets to be expensive and too large to fit into their bathrooms. But the introduction of bidet seats and bidet attachments, starting at just $50, has reshaped the conversation to make bidet products accessible and affordable. The reason why there are no bidets in public places and American homes is people don’t understand their options.

Additional factors for continued growth include the bidet’s substantial environmental benefits and an elevated appreciation for hygiene in a post-pandemic world. We believe bidets can play a role in addressing carbon emission levels and conserving water to meet its sustainability goals.

What’s Keeping You from Trying a Bidet?

At Bio Bidet by Bemis, part of our mission is to break down barriers that prevent individuals and families from enjoying the benefits of bidet products.

We encourage you to explore the most common bidet questions and to take the time to find the right bidet for you.  Be sure to contact us for information on all your bidet choices.