Why Aren’t There More US Hotels With Bidets?

For centuries, hotels, hostelries, and inns have marketed luxury and comfort to individuals and families on the go. After the rigors of travel, walking into your hotel room after a long day is usually a relief. One luxury that American hotels are missing?

State-of-the-art bidets packed with features!

US hotels with bidets are few and far between. We need to change that.

The Missing Bidet-Hotel Connection

Bidets offer hotels and motels an excellent opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition and meet the needs of their customers.

The key advantages of installing bidets in a hotel include:

  • Hygiene
  • Sustainability
  • Luxury

Are Hotel Bidets Sanitary?

Yes! Bidets are a sanitary solution for the home or any shared space – and hygiene is certainly a priority for hotel guests. After cost, cleaning and sanitization practices are the second most important criteria in selecting a place to stay.

Travelers have plenty of options, too: There are approximately 56,00 hotels in the United States with more than 5.29 million hotel rooms available. Access to the highest standards of cleanliness is a differentiator for hotel chains.


Toilet paper is wasteful enough, but some hotels exacerbate the problem by removing half-used toilet paper rolls from rooms. While the practice has become less common as more hotel chains have become more environmentally conscious, but it’s still the case at many hotels.

Toilet paper usage at hotels can add up quickly. On average, guests use eight or nine sheets per visit, which means two guests in a room might use as many as 114 sheets per day.

With hotels selling more than 3.3 million rooms per day in May 2022, that’s a lot of toilet paper!

Changes in just a few hotel chains could make a big difference. Just five hotels chains account for more than 25% of all hotels in the US, so convincing the top five largest hotel chains below would help the US reduce its dependency on toilet paper and reduce its environmental impact:

  1. Marriot International
  2. Jin Jiang
  3. Hilton
  4. InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG)
  5. Wyndham Hotel Group


Luxury in Every Hotel Room

With so many travelers and so many options, luxurious bidets are an amenity that visitors would appreciate. As more Americans become familiar with and insist on using bidets at home and in public, hotels can attract more guests with widespread bidet installation. Not only can bidets attract more first-time visitors and generate revenue, but hotel operators would also be meeting the growing consumer demand for sustainability.

Many of our bidet seats offer features like heated seats, warm air-dry, and UV sterilization that would appeal to any tired and weary traveler looking for some rest and relaxation on the road!

Do US Hotels Have Bidets?

Not yet. We couldn’t find bidet information on any major hotel chain website. Some locations may have bidets installed in specific suites, so be sure to ask about bidets the next time you check in. Until bidets are common in US hotels, you’ll have to pack your travel bidet.

Stay Clean and on the Move with Bio Bidet

Bidets offer hoteliers tremendous upside when it comes to differentiation, luxury, and sustainability. At Bio Bidet by Bemis, we hope everyone can try out a bidet for themselves and have access to a hygienic cleaning method wherever they are.

Let us help you bring a bidet seat or attachment home today. Take the Bidet Quiz to find the right model for you or contact us for help deciding!

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