Your Bidet and Curious Guests

The bidet is a very common feature in other parts of the world, like Europe and the Middle East, but this bathroom fixture is virtually unheard of in many parts of the United States. The bidet is an excellent way to maintain personal hygiene in the bathroom. This fixture uses a small stream of water to clean the genitals after using the restroom. Today’s advanced attachable bidet fits right on the toilet seat. This allows the restrooms facilities to retain much of their original look with only minor changes. Some guests may not even notice the change, but those that do could have questions.

If you have a bidet toilet seat in your home and you’re concerned about the way new guests may react, there are several steps you can take to make this situation a little bit easier. Many attachable bidet fixtures come with a wireless remote. Others are controlled with buttons located directly on the bidet. You may be worried that guests who aren’t familiar with the fixture will have an embarrassing mishap. The bidet does shoot a jet of water upward and could be unsettling if someone isn’t expecting it. The water may also make a mess if children are experimenting haphazardly.

One way to handle curiosity about the bidet is to leave some polite and tasteful instructions nearby. If you have guests over frequently and they’re not familiar with a bidet toilet seat, this is a simple way to answer their questions without forcing anyone to ask those they’re uncomfortable voicing out loud. If you have a bidet with a wireless remote, designate a special shelf for the remote and consider leaving a simple guide next to it. A brief explanation of what each button does is sufficient. If desired, you can also explain that the bidet is a personal hygiene fixture that can replace toilet paper.

If your bidet is controlled with buttons directly on the seat, you could laminate a small guide that decodes each button and place it on top of the toilet. You could even punch a hole in the top and hang it from the rim of the toilet tank with an S-hook. Remember that you don’t need a lot of detail, but explaining how to set the pressure and temperature and activate the drying feature (if you have one) may be appreciated. Though visitors are by no means required to use your bidet, they may be interested in trying this feature. With a little instruction, they can soon see how useful it is.