Harmony Bidet Seat BB400 Cleaning Features

Bio Bidet BB-400 Harmony: an exceptional bidet toilet seat with optimum cleansing technology at your fingertips.

In this video, we're going to look at the cleansing features of the BB-400 Harmony Advanced Bidet toilet seat.

The BB-400 Harmony is a modern personal hygiene system that brings the effectiveness of Bio Bidet’s cleansing technology more widely available with its affordability.

The BB-400 comes with a built-in heater and requires only a simple cold water connection.

The BB-400 is designed with single pocket 3 nozzle system which has been shown to be more reliable and effective than the more standard two-nozzle system and nozzle tip can be easily removed and replaced whenever desired. This comes in very handy when you have guests who might be sharing the toilet and it makes replacing the nozzle on a regular basis incredibly easy and practical.

The BB-400 supplies continuous warm water up to one full minute by using a heated water reservoir which draws less energy and has a lower defect rate than instant heating ceramic coils.

There are separate nozzle sprays for each wash: His back, her back, and her front.

His back wash is a powerful jet of water to provide the most effective cleansing while maintaining a satisfying level of well being and intensity. The nozzle dedicated specifically for his back wash delivers a voluminous and invigorating cleansing experience.

Her front wash is a gentle and soothing yet effective stream of water to clean the feminine area. This rejuvenating wash is as effectual as it is gentle. This stream delivers the necessary tranquility for a feminine wash, while at the same time thoroughly cleansing the area.

Her back wash is designed specifically for the woman’s back with a delicate yet revitalizing and hygienic spray through its own dedicated nozzle to deliver optimum performance without compromising capability.

Judge for yourself how the BB-400 excels when compared to not only just toilet paper, but other competitor models in its class.

With just the push of a button, the water temperature, water pressure and nozzle position can be finely tuned to your preferred setting. Adjustable Nozzle Positioning provides ultimate comfort and ease when it comes to matching the cleansing water to the desired area. All bodies are different so it is important to be able to select the nozzle position to suit your personal anatomy.

The water can also be set to oscillate.

The oscillation function provides effective cleansing over a wide area. The oscillating function can be used simultaneously with any cleansing feature to provide maximum comfort and a wider area of cleansing.

Luxury features at a value price; the BB-400 Harmony is the best in its class and is most comparable to the luxury grade at an economical price.