Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme Bidet Seat Convenient Feature Video.

Bio Bidet BB-100 Supreme Advanced: a superlative toilet seat with optimum cleansing technology at your fingertips.

In this video, we’re going to look at the convenient features of the BB-1000 Supreme Advanced toilet seat.

The BB-1000 comes with many convenient features including a wireless remote control as well a simple operating side panel attached to the seat. Compared to other brands, our remote control display is easier to use because of its large buttons and the absence of small, confusing LCD windows.

Controls are activated by soft push buttons and its ergonomic design allows users to easily identify control functions. Preset functions and manual operation functions are separated into different areas to avoid confusion. Preset buttons allow the user to preset water temperature, seat temperature, warm air temperature, and water pressure.

operation buttons are used to select Posterior Wash, Feminine Wash, Enema, Dry, and, of course, Stop.

The remote comes with a mounting bracket and double-sided heavy-duty tape so that it can be conveniently mounted on the wall at eye level right next to your toilet. It can also be easily detached from the bracket for handheld use.

The BB-1000 comes with a warm-air dry feature complete with adjustable temperature and fan speed control. Using toilet paper to dry is a thing of the past with Bio Bidet!

Supreme BB-1000 is made of one of the highest-grade fire retardant materials known. And to enhance its already appealing appearance, it comes in a warm white color to cleverly hide scratches and to stubbornly resist discoloration.

For your convenience and safety, the toilet seat is made with an anti-bacterial polypropylene compound and also contains an advanced digital, body-activated, capacitance sensor.

The BB-1000 provides a comfortable heated seat with lumbar support. The hydraulic toilet seat and cover provide convenient, quiet and safe operation. As an added safety measure, major electronic components have been coated with a special water-resistant epoxy to guard against moisture and the possibility of an electrical short.

Powerful deodorizer with a carbon filter is standard feature. The deodorizer feature is fully automatic and initiates when the seat is activated. The deodorizer continues to run for a full minute after the seat is vacated. It does not use fragrance to hide odor; instead, it comes with a semi-permanent-use cartridge that neutralizes odors through active carbon filtration.

The BB-1000 also offers a dual auto-smart power-saving system. You can set your advanced toilet seat to sleep-mode manually or automatically. It has a built-in chip which captures the time of daily use and then calculates the average usage of the individual toilet. In Economy Mode, it will automatically turn on at times of expected use. You'll never forget your personal hygiene regimen with the BB-1000 to remind you!

One thing I’d like to point out is the esthetic and hygienic advantage of the design. Notice how small the gap is between the main body and the lid. This revolutionary design was the result of in-depth research and precise engineering. Other competitor products leave gaps as large as half an inch which not only looks awkward but also provides a nook where unclean and unhealthy residue accumulates over time.

Bio Bidet offers a three-year limited warranty and an exclusive five-year extended warranty. The three-year warranty covers 100% of parts and labor during the first year, 75% during the second year and 50% during the third. The optional five-year warranty is an exclusive Bio Bidet offer and covers 100% of parts and labor for a total of six years from the date of the original purchase.

The BB-1000 is available in a round or elongated seat in either warm white or beige. A 230 volt version is also available for our European customers and approved by UL, CUL, CE, and many other quality certifications and is fully equipped with many convenient features not found elsewhere.

Bio Bidet BB-1000 has been consistently voted as top rated product in its class by both experts and consumers.

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