Bio BIDET Elite3 Natural Water Bidet with Dual Nozzle Cleansing Features Video.

Elite3 by Bio Bidet, Optimum cleansing technology at your fingertips.

Featuring the new Elite3 by Biobidet- an affordable, practical, and effective way of improving your health.

The Elite 3 is non-electric and does not require electricity or batteries to operate. It runs solely on natural water pressure from your household’s fresh water line therefore eliminating any extra energy costs. Reinforced ABS resin material is used to guarantee sturdiness and its well-designed double-sided body structure protects internal water lines.

The Elite 3 is much like its predecessor except it comes with dual nozzles which provide for a more thorough yet gentle posterior and feminine wash. Dual nozzle comes equipped with a self-cleaning system and extend and retract from behind an ingenious splash guard only when in use to prevent unnecessary contamination.

The easy-access control panel comes equipped with our exclusive Positive Stepping Pressure Control knob which provides outstanding user-friendliness-the user can actually feel and hear the settings as they change! The Elite3 also has a convenient nozzle selection knob which gives the user the choice between a feminine wash, posterior wash, or to clean the nozzles depending on your preference.

The Elite3 comes with a quality stainless fill-valve hose and a 7/8”or a 3/8" T valve for quick and easy installation. The Elite3 was designed so that installation could be done without a plumber or at any other unnecessary costs to you.

In an effort to maintain high quality service and satisfaction for our customers, Biobidet has taken customer concerns to heart and applied extended body style that can now fit a more variety of toilet sizes while still functioning to peak standards. No more than 4” of space next to the toilet is needed to install and use the Elite3- its compact design was created with you in mind.

The Elite3 is an unmistakable example of bringing the customers' needs to the drawing board to design a better product with features that you wanted at an affordability that you wanted.

The Elite3: the easy, practical and affordable way to ensure exceptional personal hygiene.

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