How to Install a Bidet

Bidet installation usually doesn’t require a plumber or even special tools! One of the many advantages of bidet attachments and bidet seats is that they complement your existing toilet instead of replacing it completely. Learn how to install an electronic bidet toilet seat in just a few easy steps!

For this demonstration, we chose the BB-1000 for a couple of reasons. First, installing this model is very similar to other Bio Bidet toilet seat options, such as the BB-800, BB-600, BB-400, and USPA 6800.

Note: This installation uses an electric bidet seat. We do offer several non-electric bidet attachments that do not require an outlet nearby. 

How to Install a Bidet Toilet Seat

To get started, take a moment to make sure you have everything you need to complete the installation. The parts you’ll need are:

  • Catch plate
  • Two mounting bolts and their corresponding guides
  • T-valve with conversion nut
  • Two water supply hoses
  • A towel

Once you’ve gotten everything organized, you’re ready to get started.

  1. First, turn off the water valve. Next, drain the water from the toilet tank. It’s as easy as flushing the toilet.
  2. Remove the existing water hoses. Have your towel handy to catch any water that might be lingering in the line.
  3. Check your water shut-off valve. If it is 3/8”, you’ll use the provided conversion. If it’s ½”, you’ll use the standard T-valve.
  4. You will have two water hoses supplied with your Bio Bidet.
    1. Connect the shorter of the two hoses to the top of the T-valve and the toilet water tank fill valve.
    2. The longer of the two hoses connects to the side of the bidet toilet seat attachment. You will connect this hose in step 10.
  5. Remove the existing toilet seat.
  6. Place the catch plate over the seat mounting holes and place the mounting guide with the concave side up.
  7. Insert the seat mounting bolts and secure the catch plate by tightening the bolts.
  8. Check to ensure the bidet is lined up with the catch plate. You will hear it click into place.
  9. If you need to remove the bidet toilet seat, you can press the release button and slide it out.
  10. Connect the long hose from the side of the T-valve to the side of the bidet. Both your long and short hoses should now be connected.
  11. Don’t overtighten those hose connections. Finger tight is fine.
  12. Open the water shut-off valve to restore your water supply and check your connections to ensure there are no leaks.
  13. Plug your bidet into a GFCI-protected electrical outlet.
  14. Enjoy the simple pleasures of your Bio Bidet!

Bidet Installation Video

Check out this handy video for a look at how to install your bidet toilet seat.

Bidet Installation Help

We take pride in not only offering quality products, but the best customer service in the industry. If you have questions about bidet installations, compatibility with your existing toilet, or which bidet attachment, seat, or toilet is right for you, contact us and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you might have.

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