Easy Kitchen Updates You Can Actually Do Yourself

Easy Kitchen Updates You Can Actually Do Yourself

Time for a kitchen refresh? You can reshape your kitchen without tearing down walls or breaking the bank. Some of the most impactful kitchen upgrades are also the easiest to do yourself! From introducing affordable kitchen tech to going back to basics with just a screwdriver, these are the DIY kitchen upgrades anyone can do!

3 Ways to Modernize Your Kitchen

Technology is supposed to make life easier, not be a hassle. That’s even more true in the kitchen, where we rely on several appliances ranging from the ubiquitous (the oven) to the somewhat superfluous (sorry, air fryer owners). No matter what you’ve got cooking, these tech upgrades add convenience, not complexity.

  1. Touchless Kitchen Faucet – You often need another hand when you’re cooking and cleaning. Touchless and touch kitchen faucets make it easier to get water, clean up and keep things moving while you’re busy. It’s the most accessible way to update your kitchen sink; our FLOW Motion Activated faucets anticipate your needs so you can get more done. You won’t find an easier-to-install touchless kitchen faucet!
  2. Smart Meat Thermometer – Who hasn’t resorted to the guess-and-check method for cooking meat? Get every turkey or prime rib prepared to perfection with a Bluetooth meat thermometer. There are several varieties available, so you can find one that checks all the boxes:
  • Internal heat measurement
  • Target heat recommendations based on meat type and weight
  • Cook-time estimate so you can plan the rest of the meal
  1. Vacuum Sealer – Sustainability is an admirable priority for most homeowners. One of the best ways to reduce your climate impact is to reduce food waste. Americans throw away more than 119 billion pounds of food every year. As much as 40% of all food in the US is wasted! Using a vacuum sealer can help you store leftover food safely, reducing waste and saving you time cooking again in the near future!

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3 Low-Tech Kitchen Upgrades That Look Like a Million Bucks

Looking to reimagine your kitchen’s color palette or put your twist on the space? Introducing fun colors and utilizing space efficiently can make cooking, cleaning up, and enjoying time in the kitchen easier! Here are a few ways to brighten things up without spending big to make it happen.

  1. Replace Your Cabinet and Drawer Knobs – The delight is in the details. Swap out your existing knobs for a new shape, material, and color to give your cabinets and drawers a new look without even popping open a paint can! Use this simple kitchen upgrade to highlight an existing color or design element or introduce a new one. One neat idea is to install copper-colored knobs and replace your electrical outlet covers with copper faceplates. All you need is the correct number of knobs and a screwdriver! This is one of the most simple kitchen upgrades around – but it delivers serious pop!
  2. Make (Countertop) Space – Nothing is quite as precious in the kitchen as countertop space. Create an additional workstation by placing a kitchen cart against a nearby wall. Adding a cart adds more real estate for fixed items like coffee machines, spices, and fruit bowls. This frees up space near the pantry or sink, where you need the elbow room to get things done!
  3. Make a Note of It – Use chalkboard paper or paint to create a handy little notepad on the back of a cupboard door. Adding notes or storing shopping lists out of sight and off the countertop reduces clutter and adds convenience; if someone notices you’re low on cereal, boom, the chalkboard is right there!

Home Life Has Never Been Easier

You can make nifty upgrades to your kitchen without having to break out your tool belt. At Bio Bidet by Bemis, we’re committed to finding ways to make every room in your home more convenient and sustainable. Explore all our FLOW faucets, and don’t miss our catalog of easy-to-install bidet attachments, bidet seats, and bidet toilets. Let us know how we can help make life easier!