How Does a Bidet Work?

How Does a Bidet Work?

Even as more and more homeowners install bidet systems, plenty of Americans still aren’t sure how a bidet works. We receive a lot of questions about different styles of bidets, but at their core, bidet seats and bidet attachments share some basic characteristics.

What’s a Bidet, Anyway?

First, what do you think of when you envision a bidet?

If it’s a separate tub or bowl next to your toilet – that’s an outdated image. Today, when people say they have a bidet it usually means they’ve either converted their existing toilet into one that has bidet functionality or have replaced their toilet with a new, fancier toilet that has bidet functionality (and a whole bunch of fancy, remote-controlled luxury features).

Bidet toilets completely replace your existing toilet, but they still look like your old toilet, more or less.

Let’s look deeper at the two options that exist to convert your existing toilet.

Both are less expensive, uncomplicated retrofits that give you a real bidet experience – and many models come with more luxury features than you might expect!

Bidet attachment – A bidet attachment is a small, flat add-on that fits under your toilet seat. These inexpensive but miraculous devices tap into your existing plumbing and use a small nozzle to spray your rear, leaving it much cleaner than toilet paper, and without the waste.

Bidet seat – Slightly more expensive and more sophisticated, a bidet seat replaces your existing toilet seat and lid, but not your toilet. They’re typically electric and offer additional luxury features like warm air-dry, a heated seat, and auto open-and-close lids.

How Do Bidet Attachments Work?

Bidet attachments tap into your toilet’s water supply with a T-valve. This valve splits the water between the toilet’s tank and the bidet spray. Your home’s plumbing supplies the water pressure, though most bidet attachments and bidet seats offer at least some degree of variable water pressure control through either a mechanical or electrical control panel.

Watch a bidet attachment installation.

How Do Bidet Seats Work?

Bidet seats with or without electricity and source their water in the same way as a bidet attachment. Like bidet attachments, a bidet seat uses water from your home’s plumbing (not, as some believe, from your toilet tank) and directs a stream of water through one or two nozzles.

The biggest difference is the presence of a storage tank. Some bidet seats, but not all, have a small tank that can store water at room temperature or warm it slightly to make the spray experience even more comfortable. Most of our bidet seats also offer features that require electricity. These models will include a power cord that plugs into a typical GFCI outlet in your bathroom. If none of your current outlets are close enough to your toilet, you might consider working with an electrician to install one closer.

Watch a bidet seat installation.

Will I Need Electricity for My Bidet?

Many bidet attachment models don’t require electricity. Most bidet seat models are electric. The decision to purchase a bidet with or without electricity won’t affect the basic function of a bidet attachment or seat – either will get you clean.

Find out which luxury features require electricity or contact us to learn more about your options.

Find out More about How Bidets Work

At Bio Bidet by Bemis, we know that the best bidet for your home is the one that meets your needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of models and the best customer support.

From installation to maintenance to bidet replacement parts, we’ve got your backside. Shop bidet attachments or bidet seats or let us know how we can help.