Installing a Touchless Kitchen Faucet Yourself

Changing out a kitchen faucet, touchless or otherwise, isn't as complicated as it looks. With the right tools, a few tips, and a can-do attitude, you can install our FLOW Motion-Activated kitchen faucet in an hour or less! Learn which tools you'll need to tackle this nifty kitchen upgrade yourself.

How to Install a Kitchen Faucet (Without Flooding Your Home)

While the specific steps to install a faucet may vary slightly based on the new faucet's design, the basics are the same. Before you get started, make sure your new faucet is compatible. Bio Bidet's FLOW faucets are considered 1-hole faucets, meaning they will only require one of the existing holes in your countertop. 2-hole faucets usually have a separate water line and hole for a hand-held sprayer. If you've got questions about compatibility, get in touch.

We're almost ready to get our hands dirty…or, wet, at least.

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What Do I Need to Install a Kitchen Faucet?

Make the installation easier by having everything ready before you get started. We recommend gathering:

  • A tub or mixing bowl to place under the kitchen pipes to collect any residual water
  • A towel to absorb any water (and to lay on for comfort!)
  • A pipe wrench You probably won't need this, but it may be handy if your pipes are slightly seized.

Installing a Kitchen Faucet, Step-by-Step

Is it easy to install a kitchen faucet? We think you'll find the process much easier with the right tools and these instructions.

  1. Clear out the kitchen cabinet.

Make it easy on yourself and clear out everything from the kitchen cabinet. Give yourself plenty of room to work!

  1. Turn off the water supply.

Below your kitchen cabinet, you'll see two metal valves. Turn both valves clockwise as far as they'll go to turn off the hot and cold water supply. This is where you may need that pipe wrench.

  1. Disconnect the water supply.

Disconnect the lines attached to the hot and cold water valves. These lines are connected to your existing faucet and will be replaced by lines on the new faucet.

  1. Remove the faucet connections.

Follow the disconnected lines up to the bottom of the existing faucet. You'll need to unscrew the water supply lines from the mounting screw located beneath the faucet.

  1. Remove the existing faucet.

Look for any additional hardware connecting the old faucet to the kitchen cabinet or countertop. In most cases, you'll find mounting hardware directly below the handle. Once you've loosened any knobs, the faucet should lift out; stand up and give it a tug! Paint or caulk on the faucet might make this a little tough, but it should be doable by hand. If the caulk is extra stubborn, you can carefully score it with a knife or 5-in-1 tool to help the faucet release.

  1. Install the FLOW Motion-Activated Faucet (Or Whatever New Faucet You Have!)

Start by placing the single-handle faucet into the hole left by the old faucet. Run the integrated water supply lines through the hole.

  1. Connect the new faucet hot and cold water lines.

Once you're back under the cabinet, you'll need to attach the labeled hot and cold lines built into the faucet to the corresponding water valve.

  1. Tighten down the countertop and cabinet attachments.

Tighten down the faucet using existing mounting hardware or the hardware included with your new faucet. In most cases, you'll be able to tighten these by hand.

  1. Test the water.

Go ahead, open up the taps! Look under the cabinet to identify any leaks and take a second to make sure the handle direction accurately triggers hot or cold water; you don't want to leave those installed incorrectly!

How Often Should Faucets Be Replaced?

Most kitchen faucets work well for 15-20 years, although frequent use, hard water, and other variables can dramatically shorten their lifespan. Homeowners often choose to replace their faucets to match the rest of the kitchen after a remodel or to make the most of new technology. Installing a touchless kitchen faucet is a neat way to reduce water waste and get an extra "hand" when cooking and cleaning. Explore all our FLOW faucets to find the right model for you.

It's Your Home Made Better with Bio Bidet by Bemis

Upgrading your kitchen is an easy way to add a dose of convenience around the house. At Bio Bidet by Bemis, we're committed to engineering creative ways to improve hygiene, sustainability, and luxury in every room in your home. Shop our products and contact us for friendly, expert help choosing the right model for you.