Technology in the Bathroom: How Tech Will Shape Your Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to bathroom remodel ideas, a lot of homeowners tend to focus on space, light, and color. That’s great, but don’t let function fall behind form completely as your project gets underway. Technology is everywhere in our daily lives, and the tech revolution will impact your humble commode next.

If you’ve already decided your bathroom needs a remodel, go a bit deeper than paint color. New fixtures with new technology won’t just have an aesthetic impact on your space but will even contribute to a better experience with every use.  

Bathroom Design Trends

For many of us, the bathroom has become a place to escape and relax. Since the pandemic began, individuals and families have spent a lot more time at home. In small spaces and crowded homes, the bathroom has become a reliable place to find some peace and quiet. That has led to an emphasis on space, clean lines, and an overall modern look that keeps clutter to a minimum.

New bathroom updates have also incorporated some classic materials that combine both an organic and earthy feel to those modern lines. The effect is an appealing and effortless elegance that combines materials like wood, tile, and glass.

That trend makes it easy to integrate tech without making your bathroom look and feel like a computer lab. One of the perks of bidet attachments and bidet seats is how seamlessly they integrate with nearly all toilet styles. It’s a subtle way to add a bit of functional tech to a room without having an overbearing impact on the overall look. With the toilet lid closed, guests would be hard-pressed to even spot the bidet device at a glance. Tuck that tech away even more discreetly by opting for a bidet seat that uses a wireless remote instead of a fixed side panel; you’ll be able to put the remote somewhere handy, but hidden.

Tech Makes Faucets Touchless

The pandemic didn’t just affect how much time we spend in the bathroom, but also how we focus on hygiene. Expect bathroom and kitchen designers to completely rethink elements that used to be considered touchpoints – after all, we’ve all recently learned just how important it is to go touchless. Hands-free motion sensor faucets will slowly become the norm in the bathroom just as they are already growing in popularity as the go-to choice in the kitchen.

Suds Up with Less Waste

Even soap dispensers are getting smarter these days. Don’t ruin your beautifully designed vanity and sink by placing an ugly plastic bottle of soap next to the faucet. Automatic soap dispensers, for example, create a sleek and modern look that can also reduce waste both from wildly sprayed soap and the plastic bottles that get tossed after just a week or two of use. The touchless function also makes them much more hygienic than soap bars or pump bottles.

Smart Toilets Are a Great Investment in Your Health

Anyone can redo their bathroom, but how many people do it right? Building your bathroom remodel design around a smart toilet is an investment in your health and ensures you will be upgrading your toilet as the rest of your smart home appliances slowly integrate and connect.

Bidet toilets like the Discovery DLX Smart Bidet Toilet are a real-world example of what the future of home tech will be. With these toilets, the flushing becomes touchless. Toilet lids open and close by themselves, and they even have an in-bowl night light to guide guests in the right direction late at night.

Even more important, bidet toilets offer several immediate benefits to your health. Invest in your health at the same time you invest in creating a space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

How Does Bio Bidet Fit into Your Bathroom Remodel?

if you have questions about bidet toilet dimensions and compatibility, contact us so that our friendly customer service representatives can help you integrate the latest tech into your next bathroom renovation project. We’ll help you throughout the process, from selecting the right bidet attachment, seat, or toilet right through installation.

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