The Surprising History of the Bidet

Unfortunately, the original inventor of the bidet is unknown, but it has been around for about four hundred years. The first bidets showed up in Europe, but since then, many countries around the world have taken the original design and added their own advancements to it.

Bidet Origin

The bidet was first seen in 17th-century France where it became an integral part of French palaces and noble houses as a hygiene tool in the bedroom. This was due to the lack of plumbing at the time. These bidets were more like smaller sinks that used an upward spray through the use of a hand-pump fed by a reservoir. If the stream was not powerful enough to clean, the user would manually wash their backside. This style of bidet was often used alongside a chamber pot to promote hygiene.

The Evolution of the Bidet

As advancements were made in plumbing, the bidet moved from the bedroom to the bathroom. The traditional bidet is a low-standing bowl installed next to the toilet. Some bidets were only a bowl filled with water where you would use the water and wet towel or your hands to cleanse yourself. While others used a stream of water directed at your genitals to wash them clean.

The next evolution of the bidet started after WWII when the Japanese started to import American toilets. Prior to this, the toilets used in Japan required the user to squat over them. The American toilets allowed them to sit down on the toilet seat, which was a much more comfortable position.

As American toilets started to become more popular in Japan, the Japanese started making their own advancements to the bidet. While a traditional freestanding bidet takes up additional space in the bathroom, the Japanese invented a device that would be attached directly to the toilet, turning the traditional toilet into a bidet toilet.

This device would produce a stream of water through a jet valve that would clean the anal and genital areas without needing to use toilet paper. Eventually, these devices would include controls for hot and cold water as well as water pressure settings.

Finding the Right Bidet for You

The modern bidet now offers users design and technology advancements that include heated seats, retractable cleaning jets, automatic controls, dryers, and even deodorizers. These luxury features are included in bidet toilets as well as integrated into electronic bidet seats and bidet attachments that complement a “regular” toilet. Depending upon your budget, bathroom, needs, and desired features, there is a bidet designed to fit every bathroom aesthetic and user wish list.

Installing a Bidet in Your Bathroom

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