BREAKING NEWS: Water Does It Better

Reddit users know a good product when they see it. At Bio Bidet, we're making headlines with the obvious:

- Toilet paper is wasteful
- Toilet paper is expensive
- Toilet paper doesn't get you clean

Bidet seats and attachments are easy to install, easy to use, and good for saving money – and trees – right away.

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"I'm Not a Bidet Person" – Oh, Really?

Don't knock it until you've tried it. Only about 1 in 3 Americans have ever tried a bidet, according to a study we conducted in 2020. At the time, 19% of Americans didn't even know what a bidet was!

We might even be able to guess if you've tried a bidet. Americans most likely to have tried a bidet were:

- Male
- 35-44 years old
- City dwelling
- Married
- Master's degree
- Earning $100,00 or more

What's the Deal with Bidets, Anyway?

There's a long and oddly entertaining story behind bidets that stretches back to Renaissance Europe (which is also a neat subReddit) to the
French Royal Court. Since then, bidets have evolved from stand-alone fixtures to integrated attachments or toilet seat replacements that are essentially plug-and-play.

Go ahead; choose your flavor and learn more about your rear-cleaning options:

Bidet Seats
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Bidet Attachment
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Butt-Cleaning Technology from the Future (But Available, Like, Now)

Do you need a heated toilet seat? No. But did that prehistoric fish need to flop out of the primordial ooze and learn how to walk and play Candy Crush? No. But that fish did it anyway.

Bio Bidet offers a range of features for daily moments of luxury that make a life spent populating spreadsheets and doomscrolling worth it, including:

- Adjustable water pressure
- Warm water spray
- Auto close lid
- Warm air dry
- Night light (for improved nocturnal accuracy!)

TL;DR Version

Bidets are easy to install, they reduce personal toilet paper consumption by 75%, and electric ones go "beep beep boop boop" to impress your friends. Buy one.

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