Hot and Cold Bidets.

For many people, a first time experience with a bidet typically involves a standalone model and a non-electric spray model at that. This means the water probably came right out of the pipes, and the water was probably chilly. It may work just as well when it comes to cleaning your genitals and your posterior, but it may still have been a shock, and perhaps a little uncomfortable at the same time. Many people are afraid of using a cold water bidet because they believe that it cannot clean as well as a hot water bidet, but is this the case when it comes to attachable bidet toilet seats?

When it comes to cold water bidets and hot water bidets, here is the truth: Both cold water sprays and warm water sprays can generally clean you just as well. The way that the washing is conducted is by using the spray to forcibly remove the soiling from your skin, so temperature actually has very little to do with it. In general, warmer water can create a cleaner feeling, but that does not mean that it is actually producing cleaner skin. There is very little difference in the actual results between cold water and warm water attachable bidet toilet seats.

What really matters when it comes to these bidet toilet seats is the water pressure, at least as far as the effectiveness of the cleaning is concerned. If your bidet is offering you different spraying strengths, then you are going to get the cleanliness that you seek regardless of how hot, warm or cold the water actually is. This is an important consideration when you are trying to decide what type of bidet is right for you, but there are other considerations that you are going to need to make as well.

Many cold water attachable bidet toilet seats are actually lacking in other areas such as the benefits that electronic bidets provide you with. They take a very large leap over traditional bidets because they offer greater functionality. Electric attachable bidet toilet seats tend to offer additional controls for warm air dryers, soap dispensers, deodorizers, multiple jets and nozzles, adjustable jets and nozzles, heated seats and more. These benefits can be indispensable when it comes to providing you with a comfortable bathroom experience. If these features and functions matter, try them out, otherwise a traditional attachable bidet toilet seat may be ideal for you.


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