Do Bidets Use Warm Water?

Do Bidets Use Warm Water?

Warm water is one of the most highly sought-after features of bidet seats and bidet attachments. Warm water makes the clean and refreshing feeling of the bidet spray feel even more luxurious and if you haven’t had the experience yet, you are missing out!

Both electric and non-electric bidets devices offer warm water.

Electric Warm Water Bidets

Electric warm water bidets use one of three methods to heat up or store warm water for every use:

  • Warm water tank
  • Instant heating
  • Hybrid heating

Warm Water Tank

All three of these options rely on a tank to warm up water coming in from a standard cold water line already connected to your toilet. However, there are some important differences that might make one style better suited to meet your needs.

The least expensive option warms a limited amount of water as it refills a small reservoir after every use. Most often, these tanks can hold enough warm water for between 20 and 30 seconds of use before the water begins to cool down.

The size of the tank dictates how much warm water you’ll get, so some models offer a larger tank. That comes with an obvious drawback. A bigger tank takes up more space, crowding the back of the toilet seat. This can make higher-capacity bidet seats less comfortable for some people.

Some examples of tank warm water bidets include:

Hybrid Bidet Water Heater

Warm water bidets with hybrid water heaters employ two different heating methods the serve as a middle ground between tank heaters and instant heaters. While you might expect these to be the most expensive option, these models use a less powerful heater than true instant heating models, combined with a lower-powered tank heater

Hybrid models offer much more warm water compared to tank options, but most are not able to keep up with the flow of colder water for prolonged sprays. It can certainly vary by model and water supply, but most hybrid bidets offer around 45 seconds of warm water before they begin to go cold.

Because they utilize a smaller tank, hybrid bidet heaters tend to be more comfortable than tank heating systems.

Our most popular hybrid bidet heater units are:

Bidet Seats with Instant Water Heaters

For those looking for the ultimate in comfort without any time constraints, instant water heaters offer unlimited warm water no matter how long the spray. These models use a powerful heater to warm water instantly as it comes through the line.

Another benefit of an instant water heater is that it only uses electricity when in use. Other models always draw a small amount of electricity to constantly heat the water stored in tanks. Since this style of bidet seat doesn’t need to store water, they are considered by many to be the most comfortable to sit on because they don’t have a water storage tank at the back of the seat.

Bidets with an instant water heater include:

Non-Electric Warm Water Bidets

Even non-electric bidet attachments and bidet seats can offer warm water. Because non-electric options don’t have a way to heat water, you will need to have access to a warm water supply. This usually means your toilet will have to be located close to your bathroom sink to tap into the sink’s hot water supply line. Otherwise, it would be much more cost-effective to invest in an electric style than trying to plumb a new hot water line.

If this is an option for your bathroom, you’re in luck! Since the water will come from the same source as your bathroom sink, you will have as much warm water as your water heater can create.

For a non-electric warm water bidet attachment, check out the BB-270.

Find the Right Warm Water Bidet for Your Home

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