Is a Warm-water Bidet Right for You?

If you’ve never used one before, a cold-water bidet can be a shock. Hot and cold bidet sprays offer very different experiences. A higher-end bidet with hot water is a whole new level of luxury. Here’s what to expect from a warm-water bidet.

Will I Need Power for a Heated Water Bidet?

You can enjoy the luxury of a bidet with warm water whether you have a nearby electrical outlet or not! 

Both electric and non-electric bidets offer warm water; they just do it in different ways.

A warm-water bidet without electricity simply accesses your plumbed hot water supply (the water supplied by your hot water heater), which requires only a little extra work to install. Note that not all non-electric bidets have this second water line attachment – you’ll need to find models that allow for the secondary supply.

Electric warm-water bidets plug into your nearest bathroom outlet to heat water before use.

How Do Electric Warm-Water Bidets Work?

Electric warm-water bidets use one of three methods to heat up or store warm water for every use:

Method 1: Bidet with Hot Water Tank

In these models, a tank integrated with the hot-water bidet seat itself – not your toilet tank – provides a limited warm-water stream to your derriere. Tank-fed bidets warm a limited amount of water and refill the small reservoir after every use. Most tanks can hold enough warm water for 20 to 30 seconds of use before the water begins to cool down.

More expensive models offer a larger tank and a longer stream of warm water to your bidet. The tradeoff? A bigger tank takes up more space, crowding the back of the toilet seat. This can make higher-capacity bidet seats less comfortable or less visually appealing for some individuals.

Some examples of tank warm-water bidets include:

Method 2: Instant Warm Water Bidet

These bidets use a powerful on-demand heating element to offer unlimited warm water no matter how long the spray is turned on. Water travels through the device and is warmed before it leaves the spray nozzle.

The instant heating element only uses electricity when in use, unlike warm-water tanks that draw a small amount of electricity to heat the stored water constantly. Bidets with instant warm water don’t need an attached tank at the back of the seat, which makes them lower-profile and potentially more comfortable than tanked options.

Bidets with an instant water heater include:

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    How Do Non-Electric Warm Water Bidets Work?

    You can still install a warm water bidet without electricity – it just requires a little elbow grease. Because non-electric options don't have a way to heat water themselves, they must directly connect to your home’s hot water supply.

    If you’re interested in a non-electric warm-water bidet attachment, check out the BB-270.

    How to Install a Bidet with Warm Water: It All Depends!

    Electric bidets are easy. You simply need to install your bidet attachment or seat according to the included instructions, close enough to take advantage of a nearby outlet.

    When it comes to how to make your bidet water warm without electricity, installation requires a little more work. In most cases, you can connect your toilet to the same hot water supply line as your bathroom sink. Since the supply will come from your home’s plumbing, you’ll have as much warm water as you could ever need.

    If your toilet isn’t close to the sink, you may want to re-think choosing a non-electric model. Investing in an electric bidet seat is usually a much more cost-effective answer than trying to plumb a new supply line.

    Treat Yourself to a Bidet with Heated Water (and Other Fun Features!)

    Bidets are a sustainable and more hygienic alternative to toilet paper, and they provide a slew of creature comforts. Make every bathroom break more luxurious with a warm-water bidet toilet seat or attachment. Bio Bidet makes choosing the right model easy with a side-by-side chart to compare styles and find just the right fit.

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