The Best Bidet Add-on Options

The Best Bidet Add-ons That We Make

Bidet add-ons make bringing the superior clean and sustainability of a bidet to your bathroom quickly and easily. Instead of buying a whole new toilet, add-ons like bidet seats and bidet attachments are easy to install, easy to use, and are quickly becoming a must-have bathroom upgrade.

So, which bidet should you buy? Here are a few of our favorite bidet add-ons to get you headed in the right direction.

What Is an Add-On Bidet?

Add-on bidets are bidet sprayers that are added to your existing toilet. These devices tap into your existing water supply and spray water through either a handheld sprayer or a nozzle installed onto your toilet.

  • Handheld sprayer – This is a sprayer attached to a flexible metallic hose that allows users to clean from their preferred angle. When not in use, these typically hang from the provided mount on the side of the toilet or a nearby wall, keeping it discreet and out of sight.
  • Bidet seat – This type of bidet add-on replaces your existing toilet seat and lid. It installs in just minutes and may require electricity depending on the features you’re looking for, like a heated seat or warm air-dryer.
  • Bidet attachments – This type of add-on bidet is installed under your existing toilet seat. Most bidet attachments don’t use electricity and are operated by a small knob situated to the right of the toilet bowl.

Why Not Buy a Bidet Toilet?

Bidet toilets completely replace your existing toilet. They tend to be more expensive, which is why many homeowners wait to buy one until they need to replace their toilet or until they’re taking on a bathroom remodel that includes a new toilet. For discerning buyers, the many features and tech that goes into modern bidet toilets are worth the price; the experience and aesthetic are a daily moment of luxury.

If you’re not ready for a full bidet toilet, the options below are our best “add-ons” that will quickly and inexpensively retrofit your existing toilet.

Our List of the Best Add-on Bidets   

We narrowed down our list to the best of the best. It’s really tough to pick the best bidet toilet seats, attachments, and sprayers we make, but we did it (though we stand behind everything you’ll find online and in stores).

These picks are simply leaders in their categories and the sort of quality designs that set Bio Bidet apart …

Best Handheld Bidet Sprayer

Pearl Handheld. Simple doesn’t mean basic. This sprayer offers two wash patterns to suit your preferences and features the same adjustable water pressure function you’ll find other kinds of add-on bidets.

Check out the Pearl Handheld

Best Bidet Attachments

Elite3. Looking for a better clean? The Elite3 is easy to install and offers two nozzles for posterior and anterior cleansing. Two knobs located on the control panel make dialing in just the right water pressure easy, too!

Check out the Elite3

BB-270 Duo. Some like it hot. Well, warm at least. The BB-270 includes an additional water connection to connect to a nearby hot water source, giving you warm water cleaning without the need for an electrical outlet nearby. Like the Elite3, it has two spray nozzles with independent water pressure controls to make every wash comfortable. Some of our customers consider the BB-270 the best budget bidet add-on, combining the form and function of much more expensive models without breaking the bank or requiring electricity.

Check out the BB-270 Duo

Best Bidet Toilet Seats

Bliss BB-2000. This is the bidet toilet seat that put Bio Bidet on the map. The BB-2000 offers a warm air-dryer, night-light, heated seat, and deodorizer. Plus, it’s easy to install and a treat to use! You control all the features from a remote, putting comfort and adjustability in the palm of your hand. E-bidets like the BB-2000 require a nearby electrical outlet to power these amazing features, so if you have a electric socket handy, go ahead and treat yourself.

Check out the BB-2000

Slim Zero. A better clean with clean lines, too. The Slim Zero keeps all of its bidet features modestly concealed until the lid opens. Instead of a side-mounted control pad, the Slim Zero uses an elegant lever. This makes it an ideal choice for small bathrooms or toilets close to showers or walls. It also boasts a slow-close feature so you’ll never hear the jolt of a slammed toilet lid again!

Check out the Slim Zero

OK, So, Which Is the Right Bidet for Me?

There are so many options, right? That’s why we created the bidet quiz, a step-by-step tool to narrow down your choices based on the bathroom elements you have, like an electrical outlet, and the features you can’t live without! Take the quiz and you’ll find the bidet add-on that best suits you and your family.

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