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How to Clean Your Bidet (and Keep It Clean)

Bidets are great at keeping you clean, but how do you clean your bidet? Learn more about bidet cleaners and the best methods for cleaning bidet seats.

Most Americans Agree Pandemic Has Raised Hygiene Awareness in 2021

Most Americans Agree Pandemic Has Raised Hygiene Awareness in 2021 More than 8 in 10 said pandemic influenced them to clean their home and bathrooms, and practice better hygiene CRYSTAL LAKE -- March 2, 2021 -- With heightened focus on cleanliness, Bio Bidet, the innovative developer of kitchen ...

Why Bio Bidet Is Awesome | Advantages of a Bidet

With several bidet companies to choose from, how can you decide which is best? Here are a few reasons why we believe Bio Bidet is awesome!

How Does a Bidet Work? A Clean, TP-saving Bathroom Solution

How exactly does a bidet work? No need to keep asking yourself this question. We have the answer! Learn how bidets work and the benefits of using one.

How to Use a Bidet Attachment for an Existing Toilet

Bidet attachments are affordable, easy to install and are great at keeping you clean. But you need to know how to use a bidet attachment. Let us teach you!

How Wallets Unfold in 2021 - More Plan to Save Than Spend

 How Wallets Unfold in 2021 - More Plan to Save Than Spend As personal hygiene trends in the pandemic, Bio Bidet asks Americans how they will manage money and wellness CRYSTAL LAKE -- February 3, 2021 -- In a stay-at-home world with a heightened focus on personal hygiene, Bio Bidet, the innovati...

Bidet for Postpartum | The Benefits of a Bidet After Giving Birth

Have you ever considered a bidet for postpartum? Bidet toilets and bidet seats offer many advantages that can help new mothers recover after giving birth.

Do Bidets Need Electricity

Do bidet toilets need electricity or are there non-electric options? Learn about electric and non-electric bidets as well as the unique benefits they provide.   

Do Bidets Spray Poop Everywhere?

Do bidets spray poop everywhere? Do you think people would actually use them if they did? Learn the facts about bidet cleanliness and if they do spread poop.

What Is a Bidet?

Bidets are rapidly gaining popularity in the US, but a lot people are still unfamiliar with them. What is a bidet and what is a bidet used for? Answers here!

How to Use a Bidet for Women

Using a bidet may seem complicated, but it is surprisingly easy. Learn how to use a bidet for women, and some of the special features we built with you in mind.

The Surprising History of the Bidet

If you have ever wondered where the bidet originated from or when the bidet was invented, this is for you! Read on to learn the surprising history of the bidet.

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