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Warm Water Supply

Forum requested by “LuvtoshopZ86”

I purchased non-electric warm water bidet ( sorry, it is not Bio Bidet) but had to return ( good thing it was not Bio Bidet, right?) cause I was never able to get warm water supply.

Model Comparison

I am bit confused in choosing right models for my family.

We are considering purchase one of Bio Bidet elecronic toilet seat but not sure which model to choose.

Water for Cleaning – Important for Health

Important for Health If you have been thinking about getting into a new mode of health, then the first thing you should do is congratulate yourself. The truth of the matter is that in today’s world, there are so many reasons to remain unhealthy that if you have the drive to turn your life around...

Stop Constipation – The Bidet

When it comes to stopping constipation, you have a lot of different options to think about. The truth of the matter, however, is that in today’s world, you need to make sure that you are using products and ideas that actually work. For many people this is going to mean different things. As a mat...

Clean with Water – The New Bidet Method

When it comes to issues of personal hygiene, there is nothing more important than cleanliness. It’s amazing, however, how many of us really take our cleanliness for granted. The bad news here is that many of us end up getting it wrong. We perform the same habits days after day without really con...

Treat Hemorrhoids – A New Idea

If you have been suffering from hemorrhoids, then you know that there are many different cures and remedies out there that simply don’t cut it. If you read the various ads and reviews, you might think that there are some great cures that can see to it that you will never suffer from hemorrhoids ...

Personal Hygiene – The Importance of the Bidet

Personal Hygiene – The Importance of the Bidet When it comes to health in the modern world, you are going to hear, see, and read about a lot of different methods. As a matter of fact, there are so many different products and methods out there that at times these decisions can be very overwhelmin...

Why Use a Bidet?

There are a number of different benefits that make a bidet or attachable bidet seat worth using. It is important to weigh both the benefits and the costs when it comes to bidet seating so that you can make sure you are going to benefit from this addition to your bathroom. There are benefits to ...

Toilet Bidet Best Practices

There may not necessarily be a right way or a wrong way when it comes to using bidet toilet seat, but there are definitely some best practices that you should consider when it comes to using these unique devices. If you want to best benefit from all of the health and hygiene benefits that your bi...

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